10 Profitable Livestock Farming Business in Nigeria (Top 10 Best)

Lucrative Livestock Business in Nigeria


Top 10 Most Profitable Livestock Farming Business in Nigeria You can Start

Globally, Agriculture is a Business that transcend from one generation to another, most people work for many years with government and they are awarded  a prize or the other, but they cannot pass it on to their children, but if you are looking for a Business venture you can start and pass on to the next generation; Agriculture is the way to go, because human population is fast growing, in Nigeria alone, according the Vice president, we have a yearly increase of 5million people in our population.

How do we produce enough food to meet up this ever increasing human population density? That is what makes Agriculture a top notch venture that can make you wealthy, and give you great profits.

Today, I will give you a list of 10 Major Animal Business Ventures to Consider in Nigeria, in order to make decent profits, they are the most profitable ventures anyone can consider, before people think of the cloth to wear, the house to build, the cars to buy, the first thing is always the food to eat, nobody can run out of eating, so the demand is always going up, you wouldn’t say because you ate last night, you will not eat today, even if you are fasting, you will break your fast, you cannot fast forever, it is not possible, there will be need to eat and be healthy.

What are the Most Profitable Livestock Business Ventures in Nigeria today?

  1. Poultry Farming
  2. Fish Farming
  3. Cattle Farming
  4. Pig Farming
  5. Sheep and Goat Farming
  6. Rabbit Farming
  7. Grasscutter Farming
  8. Honey bee Farming
  9. Snail Farming
  10. Camel Farming


There you have the list of 10 most profitable livestock Farming Business ventures in Nigeria today, I also recommend you read this list of Agric Business you can start with #100,000 in Nigeria today.

The Wealthy Opportunity in Livestock Farming Industry;

There is a huge wealth in livestock Farming Industry, and it is time young people in Nigeria open their eyes to see this great opportunity and key into it, so as to maximize it.

I will talk about few of the ventures mentioned above, just so as to open your eyes to see the goldmine in these ventures.

Generally speaking, investing in Livestock Industry involves buying the animals while they are much younger and selling them at maturity or market stage, as found in the case of broiler chicken. It could also means buying the matured stocks which will be used as the Parent stocks to produce younger offspring’s that will be sold in exchange for money, animals are consumed daily all over the world, without reproduction, they will go into extinction.

It is reproduction that bridges the gap for multiplication an increase this is your job as a farmer, to reproduce and multiply the animals so that they can be available in the market always.

Let’s Look at Poultry Farming;

Poultry chicken are one of the most consumed animal protein across the world, I remember few years ago, Nigerian still import frozen chicken meat into the country, just to be able to meet up with the demand for this product, because we have a population that demands for so much of it and we cannot meet up with it yet. Fortunately the government bans the importation of chicken last year and this has opened great floor for farmers all over the country to invest into poultry farming, as they now slaughter and sell to consumers directly. Yuletide season are always characterize with huge demand for chicken and other meat, but it favours chicken the most.

There are two sides to the Poultry coin, and that is, Meat and Egg, these two are of great importance and we cannot separate them.

Egg today have become a major part of our meal, from snacks to other delicacy consumed in Nigeria, even despite the high price of egg, the demand keep moving up day by day.

When I started poultry layer birds, sometimes, people will pay down for eggs that have not been counted yet, when the birds have not laid them, so as to be able to get them early enough, the demand was much and we have issue meeting the ever growing demand for egg, trust me, it was profitable. If you are a seasoned business man, you will know that the best thing to invest into is what people are buying, not the one you are still trying to create the market for.

Currently now, a crate of egg sells for #1800 (as at today), if you have 1,000 Layer Birds and they lay an average of 950 eggs per day, 30 eggs make up one crate, that is like 31 crates per day, 31 x 1800 = #55,800.

So you can be making #55,800 daily, and when your birds are well taken care of,  you can make more profits because they will lay more, some will even lay 2 eggs per day.

Let’s see how much you will make per month; 55,800 x 30days = #1674,000!!! That is what your monthly income like look like from your Egg production Poultry business; now let’s take a look at the meat production, which are the broilers.

A Day old broiler is currently, 300 per 1, if you buy 1000, that is #300,000 you will raise them between 5 to 8weeks, infact at 6weeks they are good to go, there are many restaurants and hotels that are looking for 6weeks old broilers, if you decide to sell during yuletide, just as Christmas is few weeks from now, people will be looking for the Christmas chicken to add flavor to their celebration during this season.

Based on the current feed price, one broiler will most likely sell between 6k to 7500 each this Christmas, so let’s say, you sold 1000 broilers, how much will that be?

1000 x 6000 = #6,000,000. That is 6million, you cannot even spend up to 2million to feed them for 2month, is not possible, can you see how profitable poultry Business is in Nigeria?

Let me also say this, I have people who buy live chicken from farmer, they buy per kg, process and sell as frozen chicken in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and other major cities in Nigeria.

On one of the whatsapp group, someone demanded for 20,000 BROILER chicken, those are the people that kill and convert to frozen chicken, they want to buy as much as possible for farmers.

Somebody is in Nigeria right now, saying the government are not doing well, the economy is bad, there is no Job, yet there is huge demand for birds all over the place but you have refuse to think and engage your mind to solving problems, wealth travels in the direction of solving problem and meeting needs, if you can sit down and think of what problem people have and how to meet them, you will lay up gold as dust.

Let me also say this, Spent layer birds (old layers) are also money, people buy them in large quantity, for about 2000 or 1800 per one, if you have many birds that have stopped laying, this is another money opportunity for you.

The Dungs from your poultry birds is also money, as vegetable farmers come and buy them in large quantity for their vegetable farming endeavor, so everything is money for you.


Let’s Look at Cattle Farming;

In Nigeria today, the northerners have tapped into the advantage in Cattle productions seriously and they seems to be the only one maximizing the potential it has to offer, even though they do it the nomadic way, which makes it unpleasant to many people, they also look poor yet they are making a lot of money form this Business, you can start it, change it, improvise your own and make a fortune from it, you don’t have to join them to be an herder moving cattle from one city to another, that is not even an intensive way of breeding them. That is extensive and it subjects them to a lot of hazard and vulnerability. But you can venture into Cattle business and raise them in a confined environment with good management; they will grow faster and give you great return on your investment.

Do you know one cattle is been sold up to 300,000naira, #500,000 and even 1million, 1.5million just for one cattle? That is how profitable the venture is you cannot afford to ignore it.

Fortunately, they are ruminant, so you will not spend a fortune to breed them, Nigeria is full of celebration, parties and events, so there is always need for cattle beef in various ceremonies. The market is permanently available, you are the one to position yourself for it, as much as you can raise and bred, you will make good money, this business has huge ROI.

To get started, you just need to get a good land with enough space and good pasture, access to clean water and you can dig a well for this purpose or better still, you can dig a borehole to enhance the water flow if you are going commercial.

You can get small ones between 100 to 150k, depending on where you are buying from, but if you have a link with the north, you can buy directly and at a reduced price, bring them to your farm, and start breeding them, get a vet doctor to inject and disinfect them periodically, especially with antibiotics so as to enhance their growth and development.

Major wealthy people in Nigeria and those with big family cycle prefer to buy cattle during Christmas and other celebration, the same thing applies to wedding ceremony and other kind of ceremonies.

The market for cattle in Nigeria is vast, and we cannot exhaust it, Lagos alone has 10 Abattoirs where cattle are slaughter daily, for daily consumption and majority of those animals came from the north, if you have them in the south west, they will patronize you.


Let’s look at Pig Farming;

This is another goldmine venture in Nigeria, do you know people come from neighboring countries to buy Pigs in Nigeria? Do you know that we have the pig estate in oke-aro in Lagos, where there is such a huge land space designated for pig rearing alone?

Pig Farming is a huge investment in Nigeria and the return on investment is huge too, because pig are very prolific, they have a wide range of stuffs that they eat, they are not in any way limited and it doesn’t cost so much to get started with pig Farming, the demand is huge and ever increasing annual.

I have so many people around me that, this is what they do for a living, I mean they have family and they raise them from their pig farming venture, they are successful and doing well, pig farming is a vast industry in Nigeria, with room for new comers, the space and market share is very large, last month someone asked me for 50 pigs, 25females and 25male, I don’t have them on ground in my farm, and most of the farmers I called don’t have either, some have sold theirs before I called, others have but they want to keep them for next year production plan.

Each was to be sold at #40,000, so that will be 40,000 x 50 = 2million naira.

That is market looking for product, yet it was not available, this is just to give you a glimpse of what the pig industry looks like, I know people in Nigeria who sells up to 100 pigs at a go, it is a rewarding venture and it is worth every effort.


Let’s Look a RABBIT Farming;

As small and friendly as rabbit is, it is a good pet for many people, but did you actually know it is also a goldmine? I have been farming rabbit for the past 5years now, so I have on hand experience on breeding, production and marketing of rabbit, it is very profitable and highly rewarding indeed.

Rabbit Farming  in Nigeria right now is a goldmine, I have shared on this blog before, how that I made millions of Naira from Rabbit Business, selling rabbit in Nigeria, just like every other Business, rabbit are categorized into 2 stages in terms of the market, we have the breeding stocks and the meat market.

As the awareness of the health benefit of rabbit meat is growing, people are demanding for it the more, so also the need to breed rabbit either for commercial purpose or as a source of protein for family at home, is causing more people to look into the direction of rabbit production, and that is making the demand to grow and increase in Nigeria.

Rabbit does not cost a fortune either, you can start with a small cage of 10 rooms at your backyard, and with little space, you can raise a lot of rabbit conveniently at home, click here to read more on rabbit Farming.


What do you need to start a Livestock Business/Farm?

  1. Land: If you want to do Agricultural Business and you want to do it well, you need a land, you can either buy or lease, I know you may want to start some of the ventures at the backyard of your house, it is a good choice, I started that way too, some years back. But the challenge with it is that, it cannot do much, and also when you begin to excel in Business, your landlord may bring up issues with you, or even increase your rent, so in order to have the peace of mind to run your Business successfully, it is better to get a land, even if you don’t have issues with your landlord, when it comes to expansion and doing it at a bigger scale, land will surely be needed, get a land for your business, so that you can run it effectively.  Also watch out for the location of your land, for instance; you cannot run pig within an environment where there are residential houses, the smell may create enmity in the community, you will need to look for land far away or in the bush, where nobody will disturb you or your investment.


  1. Capital:  You need capital to run any agricultural Business, without capital you can’t do it, most people that desire to start a Business, this is always where the challenge comes in, most times, they lack the required capital to get started. But there are many ways you can raise money for your Business, this includes;


Family and friends

Investor (other people’s money)

Bank Loan, microfinance or cooperative

Savings (You can save money ahead of your plan).

My recommendation for new beginners in farming Business is always, start small, especially if you are just coming into the Business, because you are dealing with livestock, as profitable as it is, it has challenges too, just like we have in every other businesses, out there.

You may not be able to raise all the capital you need, but no matter how little start from somewhere, you will learn along the line and grow with the process.


  1. Knowledge: It is a pity that many people fail to acquire the necessary knowledge before they venture into a business line, this Is not right, some people don’t even get materials, books or mentorship training, they start anyhow and fail woefully, not everything can be gotten online, some things require personal one on one training. Don’t come into Business blindly, it does not work that way, learn from those who are into the venture already, it will save you many headache, if you want to learn on your own, you may lose your investment and regret ever starting the Business in the first place.


  1. Feasibility Study: This is a form of market research, it is similar to point 3, but in this case, you are not just trying to acquire knowledge on how to run and raise the animals in your farm, you are researching to know what the market density looks like, is there market for it? How large is the market ? where is the market concentrated the most? How can I tap into the market? How much do they sell and buy, how big is the demand, what does it cost to raise so so numbers of animals? When do I look forward to for return on my investment, these are the questions you need to ask and do your feasibility study for.


  1. Staff: In standard Agric Farm, you will need staff, at first you may start on your own, especially when you are small, but a you begin to grow, you will need the effort of others to join with yours, to succeed. You cannot continue to run your farm on your own and by yourself, it does not work that way, there are too many responsibility that makes for the need for a farm staff.


Now, you have to be careful and sensitive in making this selection because their effort can make your farm successful or can ruin the entire investment at the end of the day, I have seen cases where staff stole money till the farm run down, I have also seen cases, where staff kept stealing egg, till they could not account for profits anymore, they give the owner various excuses as to why the birds are not laying well, whereas they are the one stealing the egg.

So you have to be careful and sensitive when selecting your staffs, don’t leave them to work on the farm alone, visit them at unaware, come and inspect how things are going, this is the only way to keep things in order.


  1. Transportation System: Finally, you will need a vehicle to help you convey goods to the farm, especially if you farm is far away from the city, you will also need to transport goods from the farm to your customers in the market.

You may not start with this, but along the line, you will need it, because you’d be spending more on transportation if you are using the commercial, but you will save money if you have a transport vehicle of your own.

I always recommend the Hilux pickup, as it can move even in adverse road location, it can still climb some hills too, making it easy for you to transport within farm and the city.


I am wishing you all the best,  I believe you must have learn one of two things from this information, if you have any question, you can drop it below.



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