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10 Spiritual Ways of Making Money in Nigeria

Spiritual ways of making money in Nigeria happen to come in different ways.

They are some that in form of a service rendered, and some are also in form of selling products. Irrespective of the form they come, whether it is a business, job or even a career, it is important that we made known and demonstrate a sense o religious trust in our day to day business activities.

This is very important so as to mark the fact that we truly represent what we state to be our belief, or the life we have chosen.

Many are found of the attitude of staying out of their belief, in the name of doing business.

You will hear people say that is church o, when we get to business let’s know this is business o,

Many go ahead to strike different ungodly deal all in the name of business or trying to say that is the way our work goes.

Even aside that many confess to be a believer and stay out of what they belief in their business, it is important that even when you call yourself a believer that you develop of a trustworthy attitude in your business. 

As a matter of fact that will even help you to be able to earn quality customer because of trust in you, so it is important that even in career, business and job we make sure we practice what we confess as a believer.

We will be looking into some 10jobs that seems to have a very high moral standard than other and not as though others didn’t deserve same, just pointing out the fact and the way in which these jobs are being paint by people.

  1. Police Officer. This is a job that has really been abused especially in this part of the world. And trust me this is a job that deals with security of people, deals with lives and properties. It is so sad that we have lost many lives in the name of careless attitude of most people in this sector. We have notice that many are in this sector that won’t get to their job properly until they are being bribe with one or two things, and it is so unfortunate that we see people who belong to one place of worship and still call themselves believer but won’t practice what they confess.
  2. Medical Doctor. This is also more similar to that of a police officer, this is even some times more delegate than that of an officer, we have many doctors who after making an oath to make people’s life their priority they still fail in that aspect. This is an aspect where people need to state true to what they confess as their job oath and belief.
  3. Lawyer. This also a job that help in determine many things in the society of people, it very important that people in this field so maintain a very sincere act in dealing with issue. It is obvious that just a single unworthy judgement may set a life of an entire community in forever bondage as well as a truth and sincere judgement can set a life free.
  4. Teaching Job. This is another job that needs a very high sense of commitment, because careers of my children are decided through this medium. Many students become the best as result of quality teaching and many become worse as a result of poor teaching. I personally have fall victim of teacher of took their job carelessly, they just come and give you note without even trying to teach at all, they don’t care if you understand or not, the sad part of it is the fact that we find believers among them.
  5. Soldier. This is also similar to that of policemen, though soldiers happen to have earned very much respect among every other force, most of them are known for their credibility in work and how diligent they are in working. Despite all that it is still a job that need a quality trust, a lot of courage and bravery because facing the enemy is not simply a job, it is a duty, a sacred on at that.
  6. Bookshop Ownership. Starting a bookshop may not seem like you are into a serious thing for the community but if you reason a little you will come to the knowledge of the fact that everyone learned to read and write through books. A bookshop owner is doing well to serve the community just like the others.
  7. Meteorologist Expert. This is also another field that requires the handling of faithful ones, because it involves people that are into geography, geology and related courses serve us well by studying weather pattern.
  8. Food Regulatory Agent. Every country have their form of food regulatory agency, we have that of Nigeria tagged with NAFDAC. It is obvious that before any good can come into market for sale they need to be tested and granted by NAFDAC in Nigeria, so it is important we have trustworthy people in this sector, who will not as a result of bribe put the well being of the society at sake.
  9. Chemical Engineer. These are some of the highest paid people among those that are serving our society faithfully. A single drop of the wrong chemical in a water purification plant can kill a lot of people and so is a single mistake in a petroleum plant can be hazardous to the environment.
  10. Head of State. Nigeria is a big testimony that a very negligence head of state can be very hazardous to the society, if there is anything worse than hazardous that’s what it could be to the society. This is who decide whether the society is to go forward or not, they are the ones who made decision for the society. It as simple as a useless head makes the whole body useless. It is not just a post someone without compassion, strength should handle. It is should a post that is solely for the faithful and trustworthy ones, who could stand by their words.

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