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12 Profitable Business To Start in Nigeria and Earn Millions

Nigeria is a potential country in the heart of Africa.
It as also been consider as one of the indispensable countries in Africa.
With over 200 Million people, Nigerian as grown into a big business center given smart countries of the world global business advantage in Africa.


Countries like India, China, Malaysia, south Africa, egypt, kenya, U.K, U.S.A amongst others have turn Nigeria into a great business ground because of the population density, as it is often said, human wants are numerous, this is what as given birth to the huge need of Nigeria which makes business to blossom in Nigeria.

One of the factors to prove and approve Nigeria as a solid ground for business development and market center is “Aliko Dangote” Africa Richest man, he originates from Nigeria, many great philanthropists of the world are from Nigeria.

You can make millions in Nigeria within a very short period of time by starting a business, selling what people needs; with the population structure you can imagine how many things Nigerians needs daily.

Today I will be giving you  a list of 10 Lucrative Business Ideas That You Can Start in Nigeria and Make Good Money, even in ‘Millions’ within a short period of time.

Making Millions or even much more yearly is not difficult in Nigeria, you just have to choose your business very well, i am making available to you today 10 Solid Lucrative Business in Nigeria, That can make you a Millionaire Overnight.

10 Lucrative Business To Start in Nigeria

1. Agriculture (Farming) : Food is not an option it is a necessity, and that is why agriculture is number one on this list, Almost all kind of farming does fine in Nigeria, I Can assure you this is a huge industry in Nigeria right now; now let take a little feasibility studies; Nigeria govt recently stop the importation of egg, because they want to enhance the local egg producers, the only reason why they will still import eggs is because the local production is not enough to meet the market needs.

Agriculture is the only sector that cater for food production, and before we can discuss about national development and wealth shift, Food production must be listed as number one.

Some of the highly lucrative businesses in the agricultural industry includes, Poultry Farming (Meat and Egg Production), Maize farming, Fish Farming, Yam Production, Cassava Farming, Pig Farming, Fruits Production, Vegetable Farming, and lots more, click here to see a list of lucrative business ventures in the agricultural industry you can start in Nigeria and make millions.

2. Pure(Sachet) Water Business : Nigerians are very busy people, by 4 am you would have seen people in Lagos already on the way out for the day, a large population country like Nigeria will always be in high demand for water, and that is the winning secret of pure water business, many Nigeria are making god returns from their sachet water business venture you can also make millions in the business.
All that is required of you is to buy the machine, get a factory, workforce, startup capital, experience/knowledge, delivery trucks for transporting the water to the consumers.
Every one in Nigeria drinks water, when at work or office in the day, water is important, so you can be sure of securing customers in every offices and business centers in a state.

  3.   Poultry Farming Business : This as grown into such a lucrative business in Nigeria to the extend that foreigners are coming into Nigeria to invest into poultry farming; it can be traced basically to the fact that we have such a huge population density in this country.

If you start poultry farming with just 2,000 birds, you can make more than 50 Million annually with quality information and expertise, Basically two major products derive from poultry farming are “Egg and Meat” and they are gotten from broilers (fatten-er birds for meat production ) and layer (egg producing birds).
You can choose the one you wish to go into and start your own poultry farming business in Nigeria, the business is easy to start, with even low capital you can start a farm and grow it big with time, the federal government of Nigeria also makes provision to enhance poultry farming yearly and there use to be incentive for farmers annually.

Now let me ope your eyes to the big wealth secret of poultry, imagine that you have 60,000 broiler birds and you are selling them at #5,000 per kg, now 60,000 x 5000 = 300,000,000, That’s a whooping of 300Million naira, there is much profits to be made if you are passionate about the agricultural industry in Nigeria, click here to learn how to get started with poultry farming.

4.  E-Commerce and Internet Business : Technology as experience speed at its best with the arrival of internet in Nigeria, the speedy growth of the Nigeria webspace is mind blowing. Most people think its just all about logging into your gmail or facebook and do some chat or check out some stuffs on nairaland, well, i have a goodnews for you, its way beyond all of that.

Electronic commerce is the easiest kind of business to start. The best thing about the e-commerce is that you have already millions of online “customers”. You just need to turn them into buyers of your products.

The Internet as grew to an extend that many Businesses in Nigeria are now surviving there, talking about affiliate marketing, blogging, information marketing, ecommerce and much more, the likes of, Adetunji Gbolagade, Akin Alabi, Bamidele Onibalusi,, Linda Ikeji, Seun Osewa, Jumia,Konga, Payporte, are all proven successful internet hosted business owners in Nigeria.

The future of Nigeria internet business atmosphere is promising than before, largely over the years, we have experience such a great increase in the number of blogs created daily and those that are successful and consistently functioning.

Now beyond just business dealings, the internet as meet a lot of Nigeria meets and make them very easy for graduates to seek jobs, writers are now self employing via blogging and publishing their own books and ebooks on various platforms.

Companies like konga and jumia are strong successful ecommerce in Nigeria, making thousands and millions of naira daily selling gadgets and all major goods online within Nigeria, the ecommerce is a super growing industry in Nigeria today, and the idea behind the ecommerce growth, is just the beauty of doing your shopping online and having not to leave your office before you can get that super shoe or that nice suit and sleeves for your gf.

Today companies and personality are coming into Nigeria to set up an ecommerce business ventures; Ecommerce requires good investment and start up capital, effective management must be encouraged, you can’t run an internet based business in an environment that lacks 24/7 light, you must secure all resources and human resources to ensure the business is successful.

5.  Used Cloth Importation Business : The truth is; many Nigerians prefer buying used cloth especially those american and china made ones than buying the new ones, reasons been that its cheaper to get many used cloth than new, so you can start importing cloths into Nigeria and make good return on your invest, because it is relatively cheap to import those cloths into Nigeria.

6. Fruit Juice Production : Most of the resources you will need to succeed in this business are already available at your disposal here in Nigeria, Nigerians tends to consume fruit drinks and juice more than any other nations of the world so if you are equipped with the right information and with knowledge then this will be a good business for you; though it requires huge capital to start up.

7. Maize Farming :


 You know what?

 Maize is not enough yet in Nigeria, because almost every sector that as to do with food production utilize maize, for instance; it is a very important ingredient in every livestock feeds, it is an important part of the concentrate we mix, it is also a raw material for beverages, currently the production in Nigeria is still seasonal, it is largely accepted and loved by many, in fact when it is the season of harvesting maize now, people natural boil and consume.

So you can see maize is in high demand in Nigeria, if only we have can able individuals or boards that will run maize on fadama and have it produced all through the year,or if the federal government will make that a reality, then we can make more progress industrially because maize is an important raw material.
Another beautiful thing about maize farming is that it is relatively cheap and easy to start, you don’t need too much funds to start a maize farm of your own.

7. Oil and Gas : Now this list will be so incomplete without making mention of the Oil and Gas Business Industry, which is one of the major backup for Nigeria as a nation today.   

Our land has great deposits of oil and gas. So the land itself presents the best opportunity for its citizens. Some finest businesses in Nigeria started from owning of petrol filling stations or gas logistics. These areas are always good for making money, You can consider oil and gas industry, you have many options to choose from while investing in this sector; you can have your own oil refinery, you can build a oil filling station, a biochemical depot, a crude oil depot, a gas filling station, and crude oil by-product sales.

8. Construction Material and Raw Materials : Constructions of building and

 infrastructures are going on daily in Nigeria, The likes of dangote cement can 

tell you how much they realize daily from sales of cement that are to be used

 for constructions. If you can manage  a construction raw material company selling those equipment, you will surely make good profits.

9. Rice Farming : This is yet another food crop that is cn never be enough in nigeria, the production is not large enough to meet the demands coming in, 

so Nigeria still imports Rice annually, now the federal govt are planning to put

 an end to the importation so that we can encourage local production,

 if you are a true Nigeria, 

you will agree with me that Rice is one of those food commodity that is 

consumed daily, and there is bound to be greater and higher demand during 

festive season, so you can start rice farming and employ quality production 

medium to facilitate development, over time as you begin to grow reputation by consistency your profit is sure.

10.  Fish Farming : You can see the majority of my List came from 

Agriculture” right before the discovery of Oil in Nigeria, 

Agriculture use to be at the fore front of Nigeria Business and economic 


inadequate management as brought about negligence from this industry,and 

this as been the major reason for the stagnancy in growth, i am glad today,

 Nigerians are beginning to rediscover the potential agriculture holds in the 

development of the nation and economy.  

Fish farming is one of the few but 

promising ventures in Nigeria today, and it 

carries all the potential needed to meet the animal protein needs.

Recently a 300L student was interviewed in University of Abuja, who owns a 

fish farm, as 11ponds and a workforce of 50, and they realize 50 Million 

annually from the venture, so it carries both young and old as much as the 

information, the zeal and knowledge is there, you can make good profits from fish farming business in Nigeria, Fish Farming as a venture also as sub-businesses under it, this means, the investment into fish farming as brought about many other kind of businesses in Nigeria today.

You can easily start with  a plot of land, grow your pond and make your profit in a period of 6months or 7 as you want it. click here to learn how to start fish farming business in Nigeria.

I hope you have gain wealth of knowledge with this quality information?

Kindly share it with your friends and if you have questions you can drop them below, i will surely answer them,
I look forward to a Nigeria free of poverty and with a more better and flexible economy.

Article Written by Akanni Tolulope Matthew.

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