I’ll be very honest, specific and straight to the point with this.

If you are or intend to go into business, politics or ministry, please read with utmost sagacity.

Being talented is not enough, I’ve seen many talented people suffer…

Being hard working is not enough, a visit to Mile 12 market will convince you when you see those ‘kayas’…

Being prayerful is not enough, it’s on record that most prayer warriors are poor…

In my little life, I’ve experienced things, seen things, read books, asked questions and carried out research.

I can tell you authoritatively that success is beyond certificates, skills, passion, talent, prayers and hard work. I’ve seen people do or have less and succeed.


Many times we ask the questions, ‘Why me? I’ve tried everything but it’s not working. Are some people luckier than others?


So, what are the things that made the difference?

These are the things that made them luckier.

Recently, I was working with Mr. Bruno on his books and during one of our meetings, he looked at me and said, Tomiwa, if you want to succeed in business, you need Network, Net worth and Platform.

What is working for me is these three things. I see that you are doing well with these on social media, but you need to transfer it to the physical.”

How truer can this be?

The two main contender for the presidency in Nigeria today are Atiku and PMB (very soon the winner will be announced) and just because they have these three things and not because they’re good or better than the rest.

With due respect, the third force are losing because they didn’t have these three things in large scale going for them and not because they’re not good.

Aliko Dangote is using this three things to scale his business world wide.

Dangote is now an institution on his own. Have you ever wondered how he’s running his conglomerate?

Bishop Oyedepo is not just the richest pastor in world because he can preach, but because he understands these three things.

I know a lot of people will take me up on this. But fact is fact.

There are better preacher, healer and prophet that are not known and also living in obscurity.


Please in addition to certificate, skills, talent, passion, hard work and prayer build your #Network #Networth and #Platform

1). Network

A tree does not make a forest. Life, business, politics and ministry are all about people. If you’re not a people’s person, you might not go far in life.

You need people to succeed!

You need to build a network of quality people around yourself and around what you do. Don’t be me, I and myself kind of person.

The quality of people around you will determine the quality of your life.

Everything is a game of number. The more you get the more powerful you become.

Building a network takes determination, sacrifice, selflessness and time.

2). Networth.

Your net worth in this context is who you are; how people perceive you, your worth in the eye of the public (reputation), your achievements, your investment in yourself, your charisma, and your character.

This is not necessarily your financial status. Mother Theresa was financially poor but had great wealth of net worth till date.

People will buy you first before buying what you’re selling.

You all know what happened to Atiku but for his quick action through his networks and platform.

The only product PMB is selling is integrity.

Net worth is also built painstakingly and with time too.

Be mindful of what you do today.

3). Platform.

This is a structure that gives an opportunity to voice one’s views or initiate action or to sell something.

Social media, internet, political party, store, brand, professional body, religion body, a movement, association, organisation, and old media (TV, radio newspaper and magazines) are platforms.

The more structured, organized and coverage

a platform has will determine it’s effectiveness in aiding your success.

Stop being a lone ranger, invest in people, invest in yourself, connect with people better than you, join or build right association and the rest will be history.

Does this make sense or strike a cord? If yes, kindly share.

(C)- Tomiwa Ogunremi.


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