5 Benefits of Learning Sewing (Fashion Designer) as a Lady



Reasons why you should Learn How to sew as a Lady (Fashion Design)

As a Lady, there are many things you should know how to do, both as a single lady and married woman, you can even learn them now that you are single, it will become useful for you when you are married, there are quite a number of skills and potentials that the world cannot do without, one of them is sewing.

The World is getting busier, and everyone is set for work daily, but have you ever gone out and see people walking naked on the street? No! That’s crazy and will never happen! The world is advancing daily and we must not be left behind. If everyone living today needs to wear cloth, that means, the Fashion Industry is a Multi-Billion Dollar industry, which anyone should not take for granted. Apart from the industry been lucrative the ability to produce something of your own is very inspiring and motivating, you have many designs and creativity in your mind, sewing helps you to give it expression.

As a Young Lady in Nigeria or any other part of the world, you can earn a lot of money from sewing and even make a living from it! Yes! Women have the highest population in the world today, all your friends, school-mates, church members and other platforms can patronize you if you are skilful, both as an undergraduate and a graduate, you can earn good money from sewing cloths for people, there are even some that earns as high as 500k, 1million and above to sew wedding gown for celebrities and people of high class in the society, instead of joying your colleagues to say, there is no money in Nigeria, there is no Job, you can start sewing and making a fortune from it!

I will list few reasons why you should learn to Sew as a Lady!



  1.  It makes you Creative: Yes, Creativity is connected to using your hands and mind to work, that very imagination you have can gain expression through your hands, you can even come up with new styles that the whole world will begin to crave for. The ability to put your imagination into expression can gladden your heart; the world is full of creativity and discoveries. You can also come up with new styles, ideas and fashion taste that the world as never seen before, and it will carry your brand.
  2. It can be a Good Source of Income: Yes, sewing cloths for people can become a great source of income for you, especially if you are trained and good at it. As a professional standard fashion designer, you will get recommendations and referrals from your customers to new clients, which will bring you a lot of money, if you want to go fully into tailoring, then take your time to learn the nitty gritty, you just have to be good exceptionally at it, this is how It works! Go on instagram, there are many fashion bloggers that upload the trending styles online, you can download the pictures and try them out, this way, you will become skillful. I personally cannot patronize you twice if you give me a terrible first impression, impression matters if you must keep your clients.
  3. It Reduces Your Spending: Yes! As a married woman or a young lady, who knows how to sew, you will spend less and still dress well, because you are sewing majority of your cloth by yourself, your children will also enjoy this and even your husband if you know how to sew unisex dresses. The idea of doing it yourself is great, even if you don’t have a shop of your own yet, you can still manufacture things from your closet and save some money. Apart from spending less, you can also get to support your family through sewing, it will bring Joy and Happiness that you are able to support your family financially.
  4. You can become a Celebrity: Yes! If you are very good at what you do, you become a celebrity fashion designer, that only great people patronize you what this means is, you will earn much more than the nominal tailors.  To achieve this is not hard, get a good shop/outlet, make sure you are very good and skillful in sewing dresses, have a good customer relationship, create an instagram page, a facebook page and a whatsapp Business account to promote your Business and also display your past work for people to see, often some discount at festive seasons to attract more patronage. Above all, be very good and skillful in your design, this is the best way, as your customers will recommend you for more people.
  5. Learn from a Professional: This is non-negotiable, if you want to be successful in Tailoring; you need to meet with the successful ones and learn from them. Don’t go and learn from an amateur when you intend to be a professional yourself, technology is taking over every aspect of human endeavors and the fashion industry is inclusive, there are modern sewing machines that doesn’t work like the manual ones, you need to learn from a standard place for you to be able to operate them.

Also remember to join the tailoring association, every state or chapter has their own association, there are many benefits that come from joining the association, incentives from government, recommendations, and other offers.

The truth, if you don’t mean to sew for commercial benefits, it is still good to learn how to sew as a lady, you will be happy you did, even if you are running a professional course, having this knowledge will be of additional benefit to you in the course of life as a woman.

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