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5 Reasons Nigerians Love Black Friday!

Black Friday use to be the last friday of the month of November every year, it is not a common or special culture in Nigeria many years ago, untill we have the emergence of Online Shopping and Trading gaining significant attention in a short while and that was how BLACK FRIDAY come to the Light BLACK FRIDAYt of many Nigerians, but then, what is so special about Black friday that all businesses around the world embraces this day?

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By Many many Online advertisement (Especially Google ads) shows various local ads of companies and stores that brings discount on sales (Some even up to 70% ) for Black friday… Now that crazy isn’t it?
There as been so much record in the past as regard the awesome black friday sales in Nigeria;
For instance; Last year, Jumia recorded over 2.5 Million visitors coming in to make purchase on their website in conjuction with the black friday thing.. now that tells you and me how much Nigerians love black friday sales and make the best use of it,
But what really is in this Black Friday thing?
Follow me carefully!
I will give you top 5 reasons Nigerians are Crazy about Black Friday!
  1. They offer Crazy Slash Down in Price of Goods: Yeah! This is the major reason why Black Friday is so special, it brings what we call a Black Friday sales package, This is common all over the world among business and big companies, and it means a slash down in price of commodity even up to 70%, Jumia and Konga amongst other eCommerce platforms in Nigeria tend to maximize the black friday sales to make even more profits and gain new customers, so i advice you, if you really wanna buy anything online, then just gather your cash and do so at Black Friday.
  2. Best Time to Shop For Christmas: We all know that by December, everything that as to do with Christmas sales will began and stuffs will be very expensive, ranging from Tech gadgets, Mobile Phones, Wears and Clothing, even food stuffs will inflate due to the festive period but then, how do still get every of your items for Christmas to be great? Black Friday is there to help you…
  3. Variety of Items to Buy: Yeah, you have so much to buy and to select, since there use to be a huge volume of sales, customers, demand and orders, Most Companies, Business and eCommerce platforms now ensure they have variety of items, through which users can now make their choice and buy, That’s yet another advantage pf Black Friday sales, there is so much available, so you have better options just to get the best of whatsoever you want to buy.
  4. You can Save More: This is just what i was trying to explain in the point Number one above, with the huge slash down of prices on commodity, you can spend less, save more and yet get your desire commodity, those are part of the goodies that comes with Black Friday Sales!
  5. From The Comfort of your Room: Finally, been an Online Shopping experience, comfort is yours, you just have to open your PC, Computer, Mobile Phone and load the webpage where the sales are been listed or load the mobile app, to get what you desire and bravo! You are good to go!
So like we had a very good deal on Jumia and Konga last year, watch out for the best and awesome deal experience in this forth coming Black friday 2016 in Nigeria.
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