5 Steps to Living a Successful Life in Nigeria

Successful Life


Nigeria is one of the most outstanding spot you can at any point be all over the planet, the nation is so honoured by God in contrasts ways, we can’t referenced everything, an excessive number of advantages and possible in this dear Country. Like each and every region of the planet, Nigeria has her own difficulties and difficulties as a Nation, war flare-up, dissent and Leadership challenge (which is a central issue).

In any case, as a Nigerian, there are numerous ways of remaining fruitful in this country, truly, Nigeria is showing improvement over numerous different countries across this present reality in numerous perspectives, so don’t be irritated and discouraged by the uncertainty challenge and inconveniences that is dominating in this region of the planet, you can in any case prevail in a similar Country, as numerous others have been effective.

There are any things that have filled in as entanglements for Nigerians both of extraordinary type and the youthful ones or normal man, I will address them this article, so you know how to stay away from them, information holds individuals back from falling and from annihilation additionally, to that end I will be sharing numerous things to both stay away from and to do in Nigeria on the off chance that you really want to find lasting success.

5 Things to Take Note when you are in Nigeria;

1.You Must be Prayerful: Yes! You should be supplication, there are numerous terrible conditions that happen overwhelmingly that are far past what anybody can truly control, and, surprisingly, the public authority can be so defenceless at certain circumstances, so if you need to be a victor and not a casualty in Nigeria, be devout! Petitioning heaven will in a real sense assist you with deflecting evil, it will keep evil far away from your home a your family, there are numerous mischievous powers in Nigeria, that are set on obliterating everything, I have met individuals during guiding that opens dependent upon me; how that, nothing is working in their life, “They are drained and disappointed” the best way to prevail upon such dissatisfaction is to supplicate! I was brought into the world in Nigeria, and have seen powers held individuals down and they can’t ascend to their fate, the main weapon to convey against those powers is Prayer.

The Bible says; “Is anybody distressed among you, let him ask – James 5:13 “. Petitioning God will move Satan and his Forces and carry you into favour with God, there are family and bloodline devilishness and black magic powers to battle with, you become successful when you stay pious, it is on the special raised area of supplication that you unstick the powers of the foe from having it way in your life, Prayerfulness will keep you delicate, you will realize which excursion to go and which outing to keep away from, may God award you more Grace to stay determined in Jesus name.

2. Start a Business: One of the significant difficulties that as held Nigerians bound throughout the years is Poverty, “Monetary dryness”. Many individuals are residing from hand to mouth; many individuals are working where they are not beneficially utilized. Nigeria is honoured with a huge populace; we are more than 300milion individuals. Different nations like China, United states exploits this populace much beyond what Nigerians, you can’t create financial momentum and independence from the rat race from a compensation Job, abundance drops by addressing the necessities of others, there are numerous things individuals need everyday that you can sell and construct a business from that point, in practically no time; you would have fabricated a well off realm, live in independence from the rat race and be cheerful.

Numerous Nigerian guardians pass destitution down the line to their youngsters; this shouldn’t be in a to a great extent populated country like Nigeria. The sky is large enough for all to fly; this is exceptionally obvious in Nigeria. There are numerous worthwhile Businesses you can consider and begin in Nigeria, it is hazardous, exceptionally perilous to depend on your compensation Job alone, or put your brain at your qualification, quickly you are terminated or resigned, that is the point at which you will find that you burn through truckload of cash everyday, it is smarter to begin something before you resign from work. At the point when the issue of Corona infection came at 2020, a few Banks and numerous associations in Nigeria terminated half of their staff and laid them off, If such individuals don’t have an arrangement B right from time, they will confront a serious monetary test which could require some investment for them to adjust.

There are numerous open doors you can put into, from Agriculture and Food creation to Real home, innovation, telecom, Oil and Gas, Media and administrations and parcel more.

3. Take Care of Your Health: Many individuals in Nigeria lack the opportunity to investigate the part of their wellbeing and prosperity, take for example an area like Lagos with the pressure of moving to work in the first part of the day, and returning late around evening time, combined with the Excessive traffic out and about, the pressure can in a real sense break you down. I have perused in the report about Bankers and others who bite the dust rashly in light of exorbitant pressure, a typical Nigeria don’t go for Medical examination in that frame of mind to chat on one year, this propensity is quick killing individuals in Nigeria, to find lasting success, one of the significant regions where your prosperity can be secured is in your Health, in the event that you are not beneficial, you can’t carry on with Work and you can’t be abundance nor fruitful.


Obliviousness is a dangerous illness, regardless of whether you are not wiped out, go on intermittent examination, know how your body is feeling, and get master suggestion for your wellbeing, Health is the genuine riches. An Average Nigerian don’t take some time off, they seldom carve out opportunity to unwind and rest, they are dependably moving significantly for their Job task and to earn a living wage, this is vital, however your wellbeing ought to be your need.

4. Take Care of your Family: No matter what your projection resembles, your family is your main Business on the Earth! Indeed, your house is where the best Joy and joy comes from; you should have this at the rear of your brain. Your better half, spouse, kids will bring you extreme Happiness and satisfaction in Life than whatever else, so you should focus on them above different things. We know about Robbery, desperados, false individuals, ruffians and co today, since certain guardians neglected to bring their youngsters up in the correct manner, the family is the principal organization that God raised, assuming the family is all together, the country will be all together.

Many individuals have committed error along this line and the outcome give to the future. I generally tell youngsters, particularly those in a relationship; don’t be in that frame of mind to wed, get ready quite well, intellectually, profoundly, inwardly, monetarily, this is extremely basic. Peruse books on marriage, on nurturing, so you will furnish yourself with the stuff to carry on with a deliberate life and bring up your kids effectively, both in the method of the ruler and ethically.

5. Don’t Cheat: Nigerians accept that the best issue the nation have is initiative issue, as contacting the current administration, yet even the beyond ones, including those that have passed on some time in the past, they make a tradition of misappropriation of cash, and nearly everybody coming into the political framework today, accompany a similar outlook to steal cash for the sake of National Cake!

This is a damaging outlook that is killing the country and not assisting her with boosting her true capacity and assets, the good book says, Righteousness lifts up a country, sin is a rebuke – Proverbs 14:34, anything that makes individuals to enjoy taking or taking from what has a place with others, lessens their life and cut them down.

The issue is this fake attitude as creep into youngsters today, which drives them to do things like Yahoo, misleading others by means of the web, lying and underhandedly gathering one from individuals deceptively, these are everything we truly need to direct against. Guardians, instructors and direction have the obligation to coach and help youngsters to be focused and not wanting to get cash that they didn’t work for.

Numerous youngsters have end their life in a rush to Fraudulent exercises, trick and yippee, got captured, imprisoned or even killed, anyone that needs to prevail in Nigeria should neglect profaneness and embrace uprightness, this is extremely fundamental. One of the ways of doing this is; don’t be excessively frantic, life will undoubtedly TIME, your own opportunity also is approaching.

You will have a hard time believing individuals go to the degree of doing interest things, underhanded things just to get cash, some will try and kill their young lady companion or shed a guiltless blood just to forfeit to be rich, this isn’t worth the effort, there is a genuine abundance that accompanies difficult work and relentlessness, want it and be diligent, as you stay loyal, it will come to you.

These are the fundamental things you really want to consider when you are living in Nigeria, regardless of who is doing some unacceptable thing, don’t go along with them, purposely decide to live right; it will give you long life, harmony and thriving. May God favour you in Jesus name.

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