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5 Ways to Make Money Online

Making money on the internet is easy, possible and sweet, when all you have to do is a click here and there and you are good to go, its a very fascinating process, especially when you are the type that looks computer and internet already.

In this article, i would not beat about the bush, i just wanna show you some of the most profitable ways to earn good profits working on the internet.

So many companies like google, facebook, amazon and the likes have facilitate online businesses all over the world.

So How can You Make Money working Online?

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1. Blogging : This is the most popular venture for an average internet user in our today’s world, free platforms like makes it easy for you to come up with your own blog without spending a dime, yet with the knowledge of internet marketing, you can make good buck in your first month, facebook ads, nairaland, outbrain are good marketing system to reach traffic out there and get new subscribers/targeted audience, but while you are considering venturing into blogging, then you must also take original article writing very serious because it is important for your search engine optimization and ranking on result pages.

You must focus your niche on a particular area, for instance; you can blog on stuffs lie Make Money, Business Tips or Business Start up, earn money, schooling and university/admission and scholarship updates, travels, food recipe, health, religion or any other niche that suits you personal interest and expertise, as long as people utilize the search engine (essentially you are sure of ranking with originally written content (not copy and paste *Plagiarism* is an offence in blogging).

There are various ways through which you can earn money from your blog, which includes running direct advert spaces for brands and companies who are interested in your niche/area of specialization.

You can also place ppc ads like Google adsense, yahoo bing ads, infolinks, adversal, outbrain, and taboola for large heavy traffic sites, as long as you have a couple of good number readers coming to your site on a daily basis, you are good to go as regard making profits with network ads.

There are various of them all over the internet but over the years, from experience Google Adsense as proven to be the best of all when it comes to Blog Monetization with ppc, rpm, cpc ads network.

You can also make money blogging by Using Affiliate Marketing, whereby you can sell products fro brands and company (by joining affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Konga, Jumia, Amazon associates, Clickbank and lots more) and they pay you certain percentage on every products sold through your link/blog. Some pays up to 20%, 50% and even 70% per sales of products.

Over a long time now, it as been proven that Affiliate marketing makes more and even more money than Adsense or any other means of making money online.

You can also earn money via selling of products and materials/softwares on your blog, for instance if you are in the weight loss niche, you can create an ebook on how to burn belly fat and list them for sales on your blog, you can be sure of getting loads of sales, if you are also into Food Recipe Niche, you can write an ebook or create a video course on how to cook certain food recipe and you can just sell them to your readers/audience and make good money.

2. Amazon Kindle Publishing : This is yet another medium of earning good profits on the internet are you a writer? Do you know how to write well? do you waste time writing articles on facebook, google plus, forums, twitter without getting any notice or credits from your audience? 

Then you can turn your skill into a business venture and earn even more money in a short while.

Amazon is yet one of the most popular search engine in the world with major concentration on sales of various materials which Book is essentially a major part of the products and online ecommerce platform.

My Friend, called me last night to inform me, he has earned a total of $900 last month from the sales of his books that were listed for sale on amazon.

I will also like to say that, just as people can do daily without searching for stuffs on Google, so aswell, people can’t do daily without buying books and other materials on amazon, there is crazy sales and money transaction going n there on a daily basis.

You can just check out niches that are best sellers, ( but whatever people searches for on google or other forums, whatever there is a lot of questions about, people are always finding out about it, that is what will sell as a book on AMazon).

3. Affiliate Marketing : I have talked about this in the past and yet i am going to talk about it again, affiliate marketing is a killer when it comes to making money on the internet in our world today, i gave a little explanation about affiliate marketing in the number one list above, there is a lot of money in this venture, for instance; earns not less than $20,000 monthly from Affiliate marketing venture alone.

It entails you selling products, there is a lot of products been sold on the internet on a daily basis, both hard and soft copy products are been sold and transacted daily on the internet, you can join any of the following networks to start selling products and earn good money;

* Comission Junction
* Konga Associates
* Jumia Affiliates
* Amazon Associates
* Clickbank network
* Health affiliate networks and lots more.
Let me show you an example of how affiliate marketing works;

If you blog on wordpress website design or relationship, you can get a guide from any of the affiliate network that deals with this aspect of wordpress site designs or maybe in relationship, a products that says “How to make him fall in love with you”, this is how you sell and make profits, remember all the products are in line with what you are writing on your blog, that is how to make your readers purchase some of this things.

4. Youtube Video Content Creator : I have spent over 3hours of my day on youtube this morning, watching various videos (I love the animal kingdom and wildlife videos so much), but do you know as am catching my fun, some folks are actually earning really cash?

Youtube is one of the best place on the internet to earn almost free cash passively, without having to spend money or worry on creating your own site, but i also must emphasize the reality and fact that Youtube is not a place for get rich quick scheme, it requires time and consistency, but with some little marketing ideas and time you can gain a lot to earn so much from your youtube channel, to get started, sign up with a google ( account and get down to, create a channel with a name (personal o business name, base on purpose/preference).

design your channel with channel art an youtube profile pictures, (make them colourful, as this will attract subscribers to  follow you on time).

Create some videos (original videos online) and upload them, at least, create like 10 videos and then you can get some views to your videos by sharing them on social media or possibly by search engine ranking and natural views on youtube.

Programs like Google Adsense pays millions of dollars to publishers who display their various size adverts on youtube channels with thousands and millions of views, so you can earn a living with adsense on youtube (however, there are many other video ad network that pays well for video views). You can also review affiliate products on your videos on youtube and drop the link to purchase at the video description, this is how my friend Mark, in England was able to make a whole lots of thousand dollars, by reviewing iPhones few days after its launch, with an affiliate link at the description box below the video, he got a whole of purchase and earn a good buck, you too can earn via youtube in various ways.

5. Freelance Services : This is one of the most lucrative ways to earn good cash on the internet, there are a lot of people out there who really wants to pay you good money for that which  you know how to do very well, render the service for them on the internet while they pay you something really good, i’d gonna make myself clear here.

The internet is only a channel through which communication and transportation of soft information can be conveyed, so now;

if you are a good writer web design, web developer, graphics designer, and anything that is it, you really know how to do, you can either set up a website to advertise, market and list your services/expertise with your samples ( works done in the past), cost of your service and contact.

this is a professional approach to freelance service online, but if you are just starting, of you are a professional, but you want to get job consistently and earn more, sign up on platforms like,,, Seoclerk ad some other platforms, where you can create a job offer and a client will get in contact with you and pay for your service, from my years o working on the internet, i have come to learn that you are only going to succeed in freelance services online, if you are doing what you love doing, you must really love what you are doing, unless…. in a short while.

You will find it cumbersome and be frustrated.

These are some of the ways through which you can make a good buck online, kindly share this article with friends and if you have any question or you wanna add to the list, you can make sure of the comment system below;

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