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6 Ways Nigerians Can Earn ₦15000 every day in Lagos

Lagos is a jackpot state in Nigeria, Nigeria is a country that is flourishing greatly as a result of he ever rising population of the nation.
How can you maximize this unto your own advantage?
That is what we are here to discuss, i can’t imagine someone still living in Lagos state Nigeria today and yet he is broke, how do you explain that?
Ignorance can be deadly! Read the Article in less than 5mins and be empowered with what you can do today and be have good income.

Earlier before now, i have written  article on this blog as regard making money in Lagos: 15 ways Nigerians make money in Lagos.
But i want to narrow it down this time and be specific, how you can be earning #15,000 and even more daily working in lagos.
Now these works are not strenuous work o they are easy to get done especially when you have the zeal, passion, determination and the skills (You can also acquire the skill and get down to work).
So Lets get started on your way to making NGN15,000 a day:
  1. Buy and Sell Food Stuffs: Maybe there is recession or not, food business will always blossom, that is the truth, you need to know how much Nigerians in Lagos consumes per day, Lagos is a very busy city so there is so much work here and there, no time for people to cook their own food; so majority would rather go to a restaurant or any nearby eatery to buy food. Now this is a business i have done before; in Food Business, you will be so surprise to know that you can actually make money to buy more than 2 bags of rice just from the income you earn by selling a cooked bag of  rice. If you can not afford to start an eatery of your own, then you can buy food stuffs, and go sell where you know there are workers who are ready to buy what you are selling. You can also sell stuffs like bread, drinks, galla, fruits there are a whole lot of people who are on the move, and they are thirsty, they will buy these stuffs from you by the end of the day, you would have sold so much and earn even more than 1k.
  2.  Sell Recharge Cards:  Do you know, Nigerians spend a lot of money daily on recharge cards to load their phone? Telecommunication companies are making millions per day due to how Nigeria spend huge amount of cash daily to buy recharge Cards.  You can fix a small shop, with tent in a good marketable environment and kick-start your recharge card business with less than #10,000 as start-up capital and in a short while, you are will making good income, you will even be amaze at the rate of patronage. The truth is; you can make millions from recharge card business in a place like Lagos Nigeria.
  3. Work as a Freelance Writer: Now that Web content creation is in Vogue in Nigeria, you can work as a freelance writer for many Blogs, websites and even social media handle manager, whereby you help to manage the social media platforms of people. You can make much more profits, because there are blogs that pay you more than #50,000 per articles online, both in Nigeria and around the world, you can make use of them and earn good income setting in front of your PC Daily.
  4. Turn your Car into a Taxi: My first tie in Lagos, i watched how those bus, cab, EMS Conductors and Drivers move here and there, its fascinating to know that, Transportation is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria, if you have big buses, then you can make close to N100,000 daily in Lagos, but to start with you, you can be using your own car as a Taxi for now and you convey people t their various destination, while you earn good money, (When my friend started this business, the first day, he made a whopping of N20,000), he was so excited. That s the beauty of been hard working, stop complaining; some people will say  Nigeria is  a bad country, there is no employment anywhere, there are so many opportunity in that same Nigeria that you can dive into and make good living a reality.
  5. Tutor School Student: Are you an undergraduate, Graduate or an NYSC Corper with good academic knowledge? Then, you can turn your knowledge to good money today, with the population of students in Secondary schools who are having various challenges in their academy, you can set a home tutor service, and if you have good money, you can start a tutorial center, and you will make good money, especially if truly you are adding and delivering quality service… As long as knowledge is been impacted, then you make good income from this business venture. When i was in secondary school, there is a guy from a family background that is not too wealthy, however, this guy is good academically, so he is always taking the entire class on topics that we never know and some times, the rich school guys will dash him money, these re the type of people this business is good for you, because in this case, they are trying to study to teach, they already know it, so they just teach freely and they fine it very interesting..!
  6. Work as a Consultant: Do you have good knowledge in business or a particular product and services? Then, you can work both as a consultant for a firm or be on your own and make good money with this!
There are so many things to know; like they say, knowledge is power! Wisdom demands that people get full knowledge on a business before they proceed to start it, so if you are a consultant, you are going to make a lot of money while you are helping people to succeed in their endeavor, you can also be a marketer or consultant for company and you will represent them always! while they pay you.
I look forward to seeing a Nigeria where every youth is empowered and we can stop all the silly story and complain of unemployment in This nation, where there are so many things you can gets started with and be self employed!
If this article as really blessed you, then do well to share with your friends.

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