Clove – kananfuru in Yoruba language (Health benefits)

“I had serious issues with my teeth, I took so many drugs until some of these drugs had adverse effects on my body, I resolved to go to the dentist to remove the bloody painful teeth. As I was complaining with pain every time, one lady told me not to remove the teeth anymore, she just went around and bought “clove” and gave it to me with the instructions to use it before I go to bed – she said “ground it, and mix it into a paste with little water and apply it on the painful teeth 🦷 directly”. Behold, this works like a miracle. On getting up in the morning I was so surprised that I couldn’t feel any pain again”. Africa we are really blessed.

Clove is well known among the Yorubas as very potent in diseases prevention. It’s call KANAFURU amongst the Yorubas. We normally used this for newborn baby with caphura adding water together with onion leaves for stomach noise.

Some people use it in cooking, its an Indian spice. They use it in all of their foods. We use it for pepper soup too. Place 2-3 cloves in a mug of boiling water with garlic and Lipton tea and drink throughout the day.. Like tea for six weeks, you will see it work wonder in your health and most especially if you want flat tummy. If you can add turmeric, that will be “best product of 2020.

Try it and pay me later. Don’t do it like ,’Ogun ti a ko ba fi owo ra ẹyin aro lo’ngbe.

You can grind this clove and add it to milk to heal all these.

See all what the milk and clove powder will do for your health.
The seed is widely available or ask those who do “ Sobo drink” where they are getting it. It’s one of their ingredients.

Do you know if you put a little cloves in a cup of milk and drink it on an empty stomach!!

A teaspoon of crushed cloves on your stomach with a glass of milk will treat:

1- Infertility.
2- Sexual weakness.
3- Weakness of heart, stomach, liver and kidneys.
4- My vision of the heart and joints.
5-joint pain.
6- Asthma, phlegm, cough and nose blocked.
7- Hiccups
8- Weakness of digestion.
9- Weakness of memory and misunderstanding.
10- Gas in the stomach and the gut.
11- Weakness of bladder muscles, involuntary urine and urinary incontinence.
12- Weakness of gums and teeth
13- General weakness and inaction.
14- Double the period of sexual activity
15- Weakness of vision and eye
16- Acne and skin infections from insect bites
17- Regulate blood sugar and maintain its levels.
18- Colds and fever
19- Sore throat and tonsillitis
20- Helps in the prevention of cancer.
21- Anxiety, depression and psychological conditions.
22- Hemorrhoids and inflammation diseases

Take two or three times weekly.

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