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David Abioye’s Devotional April 1, 2017 – Decision

Topic: Decision [Saturday April 1, 2017]

…Thou art…my might… the excellency of dignity and the excellency of power; unstable a water, thou shalt not excel… – Genesis 49:3-4

Excellence in life results from decision.

Indecision is the cause of instability and mediocrity. Genesis 49:3-4

Indecision makes one lose his place in destiny.  Reuben was Jacob’s first born but because of his instability, he did not excel in life.

The brother of the prodigal son remained stagnated and insignificant as a result of instability. Luke.15:27-30.

Make right decisions and take great stePsalm

No area or season of life is void of risk.

Dare your fears if you want to gain new grounds.

The raw material for decision is information.

When your information is adequate, your decision will ever be strong.

Make a decision today, and take steps unto higher grounds.

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