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Earn Money Online with Donation Hub ( 50% reward after 48hours)

A worldwide channel to connect participants to share donations and receive incentives in return. A group of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other.

DonationHub is unique, reliable and will last for many years.

 A lot of Nigerians are really cashing money in few days. 
Launched September 20th 2016.



In Donation Hub, there are two ways to make profit.

After Registration,
You need to set up your bank details or bitcoin details
Depending on the payment option you want to use.

To start, you need to select somebody that needs helps from a list and pay him.
After you have paid him, your name will be published in the next list.
So that somebody that wants to donate will also pick you and pay you with interest.

There are two types of list in DonationHub

INSTANT DONATION LIST (pays your capital plus 20%)
SCHEDULED DONATION LIST (pays your capital plus 50%)


Here, list of people that need to get help is timed (scheduled)
It would be posted every two hours from 7 AM, 9AM, 11 AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, 7PM, 9PM
If you miss any time, you can target another time or checkout Instant List.
Many people will be online waiting for the list to be out so they can pick.
The scheduled list is competitive, once its out, within few minutes, people have quickly picked all.

So lets assume you want to pick someone from the 7AM list.
Login say 6.40 AM
Go to Make Donations

Scroll down to select between Instant Donation or Schedule Donation and click on continue

On the Donation List Page, Keep refreshing the page

Note: When the list shows up, the list hardly last for more than 5min, before all will be reserved by donation grabbers (participant like you)

See the list that came out below.

The first person is JOY01
Notice the flag beside her name (not Nigerian)
Notice she accepts only bitcoin as payment method (B) symbol 
Look at the second person below her, LIAM.
LIAM is south african.
LIAM accepts bank payment (the house icon signify bank payment accepted)


1. I advice you put only your bank details after registration
2. When picking someone, make sure you see the Nigerian flag beside the name
3. Make sure you see the house icon beside the name showing he/she accepts bank payment

Now Lets assume JOY01 is a Nigerian and she accepts bank payment.
She need N45,000 (note the dollar equivalent shown $90)
To reserve (grab) her, you quickly click on DONATE

After you click on DONATE.
A page will come out as shown below

You quickly type in the dollar equivalent (90 without dollar sign) shown there and click RESERVE.

After you have clicked on Reserve.

You have 15 hours to make payment.
After you have paid and if he refuses to confirm you.
go to COMPLAINTS and create a support ticket attaching your payment proof.
So if you have been confirmed. it will look like this.

The status will turn to COMPLETED meaning you have paid.
SCHEDULED meaning you have been scheduled to receive payment.

To see the date you will get paid, go to INCOMING DONATION.
(Note: in most cases you get paid within 2 to 7 days)

If someone or some people have picked to pay you,
your status there will change from SCHEDULED to RESERVED


You now click on MY DONORS to see the details

After you have been paid, you need to login and confirm the person
Login, go to Incoming Donations
Click on MY DONORS
Then click on PAID to confirm the person

you donated N45,000 under the scheduled list which pays 50%
You are supposed to receive N67,500 (that is 1.5 x 45000)
But system holds back your 20% pending when you pick again it will be released.

So you will be paid N63,000 (1.4 x 45000)
your N4,500 will be kept safe for you until you do again.

See sample of another list that came out………

You can go to different pages in this list. page 1,2,3,4 etc
You can see in this page, we see huge amounts,
You can carve out the amount you wish to donate from any huge amount.

The first person needs $757 which is N378,500
You click on DONATE
Now a box will come out.
You type the any amount you wish to donate and click RESERVE
Lets say you type 200 dollar which is N100,000
and click Reserve. INSTANT DONATION (20%)

Here, you don’t need to wait for the scheduled list to come out.
From time to time, you can always check the INSTANT DONATION LIST

Instant list pays 20%. It pays faster like in 2 days or 4 days depending.

This website uses the conversion rate of N500 = $1
So, $800 is N400,000

If you refer someone to join with your link you get $15 (N7500)

After Registration, put your Bank Details

If you are using only Naira account. Fill in your details as below.

What is Outgoing Transaction

This shows if you have reserved someone to pay.
It also shows your completed transactions.
It is also the place you go to confirm someone that has paid you.

What is Incoming Donation

This shows donation from other participant paid or to be paid to you on a scheduled date.
Once you have made a donation and have been confirmed,
you will be automatically scheduled to receive a donation from other participants on a scheduled date.

What is Hold Donation
When you pick someone from SCHEDULED LIST and pay,
you are entitled to get your capital plus 50% incentive
but the system will hold down 20% of the incentive
pending when you pick again from the scheduled list
then your held incentive will be released together with your next incoming donation.

So, Hold Donation shows the 20% being held
It also shows your Referral bonuses (7,500) if you referred someone that has picked.

Example: This is a pic of my Hold Donation Page

Lets do small calculation

Imagine if you pick N 500,000 from scheduled list
You are supposed to get your capital plus 50%
which is N 750,000 (1.5 x 500000)

The full incentive (50%) here is N 250,000 (0.5 x 500,000)
Held incentive (20%) will be N 50,000 (0.2 x 250,000)
So, you will get N 700,000

Your N 50,000 will be kept for you till you do again of any amount.
And the whole thing will be released together.


So when you are picking from SCHEDULED LIST
This is the formula of what you will get and will be held down

YOU GET:        1.4 x Amount donated
THEY KEEP:   0.1 x Amount donated


To show you guys how viral this thing is going. See a babe i dont even know. She messaged me to grab 1 million for her.


 Sign Up to start earning on DonationHub today, click here to get started.

Share with friends, if you have questions, drop them below.

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