Easy Steps to get Google Adsense Approval for your Blog

Ways to get approved by AdSense.

Getting Adsense approval is the dream of every blogger an content creator on the internet, as google seems to be the best monetization system for contextual advertising for publishers, majority of people find it difficult to get approval, ranging from various reasons which google stated, but today; i want to teach you how to easily get google adsense approval for your website so that you can start making money from your content.

If you are someone like me, who loves to write, then google adsense can reward that effort you are putting in place to write.

This is from my experience… I was able to use this method to get approved on almost all my blog… Follow the steps below;

1. Make sure that you have pages for your website ( contact us, About, Disclaimer, Privacy and Cache) you can generate most of these pages online with privacy generaters.. it free
2. Make sure that all your categories are filled with content. Do not add category which u won’t be able to publish articles tagged. I suggest using only two or three categories in the name of getting approval fast
3. Write at least 500 words post
4. Publish 15 or more articles (make sure that these blog post are helpful
5. Check if your theme is mobile friendly and fast. Dont worry, free themes are also accepted. Make sure it well designed

Practice this and see the changes…. Be original and unique.

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