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Facebook vs Youtube Content monetisation: which is better?

Social Media is no longer a platform to just chat and make friends anymore, you can actually also make money from it.

Have you ever wondered how this comedians, video content creator earn their money, buy houses,cars and do show off.

Some are through monetization on YouTube and now on Facebook & Instagram.

One thing I love about Facebook is that you can reach a large audience than YouTube, people are more active on Facebook than YouTube and when they like your content they have the option to share, making your content to reach there audience. So as a content Creator you will make more money on Facebook than YouTube if you’re monetize.

Now how can you monetize your Facebook page?

Firstly, you need to check if your Page is Eligible or not because you will need to meet their eligibility criteria to use monetization tools and some tools might have additional requirements.

Visit your creator studio
Click on Monetization
Select the FB Page you want to check it’s eligibility

You will see some options for the eligibility access like;

Subscription and star (I have both on my page)
✓ In Stream Ads
Click on View Criteria – This will display to you the numbers of followers you need to Grow, the total number of views you need to have on the videos uploaded.

So, as for the Followers, you must have 10,000 followers before you can be eligible for video streaming before you can start making your money.

You need to get 1-Minute views of 3-Minute Videos (Just like a Watch time of YouTube)

✓ Brand Collabs Manager
Click on view Criteria – From here, you will be able to earn money from paid partnerships with brands that want to collaborate on creating and sharing content with your audience. You can click on View Criteria to check if you meet up with their criteria

So, you must have minimum of 1000 followers before you can use Brand Collabs Followers Manager to monetize your Page.

You must work on your Posts engagement.

To get the In Stream Ads, you must be a video creator and all video must be created by you (If you see from the screenshot, you will see i was not accepted In Stream Ads because the videos on my blog page are not created by me, I was only monetized with the subscription and star ⭐️)

Now, if you successfully meet up with the requirements, and that’s it 💴.

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