Factors to Consider before Praying for Financial Breakthrough

Praying for Financial Breakthrough


Before your ask God for Financial Breakthrough: Do you have these Things?

You will concur with me that universally in this present reality, one of the best need of individuals is funds, individuals are crying to God consistently for monetary arrangement, in many places of worship today, the significant need or want is monetary leap forward, yet is God not hearing? God is definitely hearing, yet we really want to comprehend that God has standards and techniques by which he works; he is a pledge keeping God, not a Father Christmas God.

However long we don’t comprehend his methodologies, we can’t order his demonstration, it isn’t sufficient to supplicate, we want to have the essential profound comprehension of how God works. I will be sharing a portion of these standards here today by the Grace of God.

The Bible say; Brethren, I wish over everything that thou mayest thrive and be in wellbeing, even as thy soul prospereth, So God wants his kin to succeed, he maintain that they should prosper, he maintain that everything should work out positively for them, he says, at all you lay your hands upon will flourish, he say you will resemble the tree, established by the streams of water that delivers his natural products in his season, and his leaf will not wilt, this is the plan of God for you.

God is focused on his promise, his will, his words are ye and so be it, he can’t deny himself, since he is the Lord God all-powerful, who talks and it happens, favoured be the name of the Lord always, Amen!
Presently, What are the Things you want before you ask God for his Blessings and favour on your Finances as a Child of God?

1. Obedience: God isn’t a man that he ought to lie, neither a child of man that he ought to apologize who can certainly be depended on, anything that he says he will do, that is the very thing he does, he is too dedicated to even consider falling flat, yet God is likewise a pledge keeping God, not a dad Christmas God, he works by endlessly contract affects two individuals, you and God, God is consistent, yet people are generally the variable, we are the temperamental ones, God is the equivalent perpetually, yet we are the one that requirements to stroll in obedience, recall the sacred texts says; God isn’t a respecter of people, so it doesn’t make any difference your experience, in the event that you stroll in the contract, you will encounter the hand of God, so your obligation is to figure out what God as said and do it, and he will do his own part, God isn’t slack as certain men count slackness, he is an always steadfast God.


Your compliance should be full for you to lay hold of God’s favours. Where your compliance stops, is where your favours end; for example, you want to stroll in the apprehension about God for you to encounter the gifts of God, on the off chance that you are generally doubt commendable, God can’t favour you, there are individuals God as not favoured in light of the fact that he knows their heart, in the event that he favours them, they will wed the subsequent spouse, so to control such demonstration, God will confine his endowments from contacting them. So you should demonstrate to God that you are dependable so he can favour you.

2. Tithe: This is one more non-negotiable prerequisite for anybody to lay hold of the endowments of God, you can’t go into the domain of overflow in the event that you are not a tither, giving opens the windows of paradise upon your life, it is a guidance from God, and when you refuse to pay it, the book of scriptures says, you have ransacked God, and he likewise says, might a man at any point burglarize God?

This is the way in which it works, Tithe is the 10% of your pay or each increment you experience, 10% has a place with God, he vows to open the windows of paradise when you pay your offering and furthermore he vow to reproach the devourer over your life and your business and all that is yours, when you are a tither, what is the devourer?

I can call the devourer the obliteration that comes on individuals’ endeavours and organizations and tries, for example; burglary assault, etc, are activity of the devourer, it can likewise be satanic, I recall the tale of a lady who says, anything she brings in cash from her business and she keep it on her table at home, somebody from no where will come around evening time and pack the cash even without opening her entryway, she interacted with out chapel brethren and gave her life to Jesus, reached church and that attack finished very much like that, to God be the magnificence, there are numerous devourers out there, your offering gets them far from you. Certain individuals are in any event, bringing in cash however they can not represent the cash, they don’t have any idea where the cash is going, essentially on the grounds that the devourer is working in their undertakings.

3. Serving God delightsomely : This is one more contract stage for getting to the Blessings of God, in the event that you are not a worker of God, you are not fit the bill for the Blessings of God. Very much like specialists under the public authority or in an organization are qualifies for their compensation, God pays those that serves him and the compensation is far more higher than the public authority or any framework can offer, the good book says, ye will serve the Lord thy God, he will favour your bread and water.

So God is focused on gift those that serves him, assuming you need to lay hold of the Blessings, serve God! It is that basic, kindly note that the advantages of realm administrations isn’t simply cash or funds alone, it’s far past that, there are many advantages for the individuals who serve the Lord, come on key with realm administration and you will lay hold of the gifts of God.

The favours incorporates, the insight of God, productivity, divine security and conservation, divine stockpile, thoughts, course and strengthening; when you are in a hurry for Jesus, he enables you for the task and the strengthening goes with you to your own undertakings and this prompt you to order signs and ponders, many individuals don’t realize that the blessing of the Essence of God uninhibitedly happens upon those that serves the master, you will find it simple to satisfy the ruler, to do his will, to stroll in respectability, nobility and carry on with a faithful life when you are taking part in the help of the Lord, particularly when you are continuously petitioning God for the realm of God to propel, searching for the road to contact the lost, this is God’s pulse and when you take part in it, God succeeds your own undertakings, there is an extraordinary advantage for those that serve the Lord, never be too huge to serve God, don’t say it is intended for Pastors just, this is off-base, be a functioning supporter of Christ in your Church, track down something to accomplish for Jesus in your gathering.

4.  Your Work and Productivity: This is another necessity that should be set up before you begin asking God for gifts, the endowments of God is released from paradise upon his kin and I am a recipient of the Blessings of God, so I know, it exist and it is so genuine, yet we have never seen cash, vehicles or material things tumbling down from paradise, so how does the favours of God track down it way into your life?

It is through crafted by your hands, what do you have any idea about how to do? What is your giving? What can really be done? Recall when the widow went to Elisha the prophet, she said, her better half is dead and the leasers are come to accept her kids as bondmen, the righteous man said, what do you have in your home?

She said, only a Jar of Oil, and that was sufficient to work the marvel she want, this is the way God works, he involves what he as given you to change your story. You should not be inactive, it is perilous to be inactive, Jesus said, my dad work, up until recently I work, some other time, he said, I should work crafted by him that sent me, so even God himself is working, in the event that God is working, for what reason will you be inactive and you want the endowments of God?

His Blessings come into your life through the channel of efficiency, you must be useful, you can’t stand to be inactive, it is either there is something you can do, or there is something you can figure out how to do, that will engage you with information and shrewdness to bring in cash, cash is concealed in tackling issue, so go out and check which of the issue of mankind might you at any point give answer for?

That is the channel of your approval and I ask today, that God in paradise will wake you up to the wellspring of your abundance and endowments in Jesus name, before you ask God for forward leap, ensure you have something doing first, this is so fundamental.

5.  Your Resourcefulness: These discussions about your worth, how important would you say you are? Both in Church and in the general public, individuals that are creative are not poor, they can’t be poor, when you are excessively important, you can’t be penniless. There is a degree of significant worth you add to yourself and to your reality that draws in cash to you, we should see somebody like Les brown, he is a persuasive orator, he can rationale and motivate individuals with discourse, this potential as taken him all around this present reality, individuals pay a large number of Dollars just to stand by listening to Les Brown, this is what’s genuinely going on with genius, when you are skilled and you carve out opportunity to foster that gift, there is no restriction to the endowments that can come to you.

Another genuine model is Joseph; this person had every one of the difficulties that can kill a man and obliterate his fate, yet he was excessively clever to be erased, he was unable to be squandered, in light of the fact that he is excessively important, take a gander at when his siblings sold him into servitude, he went to Potiphar’s home and served successfully, till his lord commit everything to his hand, some other time in the jail, significantly under such a pitiable condition, he was all the while tackling issues of his detainees, empowering them, guaranteeing they are not down, deciphering their fantasies, till that capability of his took him to the royal residence and everlastingly he was enthroned, he turned into a public wonderful, just in light of the fact that he was creative, be a critical thinking and not a weight to your reality.

6. Your Mentality: This is vital in life as a Christian, the good book says, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he; you can’t figure as it were and your life will look another way, for that reason Satan will attempt to toss every conceivable kind of things against you just to get you discouraged, drained and disappointed, yet you should not surrender to the malevolent considerations of Satan, they are intended to cause you to turn into something contrary to what God have desi

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