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Happy New Year! 10 Resolutions You should Make to be More Productive in 2018

Hey! Buddy! Welcome to the new year, 2018 is a year that we have so much anticipated for, we have been waiting long enough for this year to come and God’s so faithful, the year sis finally here… I’d b sharing some few tips here on how to maximize this new year and achieve all your goals.

Time does not change, we only change our dates and that is why we consider it a new year.

However, you are the one that must change and get better at whatsoever you are doing so that you can be more productive and more successful by the ending of the year than you were last year.

Science as proven that 90% of Resolution are always dust off in the mind of those who make them, anytime from the 3rd week in the new year. Well, this might be true and might be happening some certain folks around the world, but then, you can choose to be discipline and determined that it will not be your own experience.
Desire a better experience and you shall have it.

10 Steps I Strongly believe will help you get better in the New Year’;

1. Read More Books : There is no end to knowledge, there are still a whole lot of stuffs that you can know, as a matter of fact, nothing kills a man faster than bankruptcy of knowledge. 

By Nature, we are meant to live and fly on the strength of what we know, so in Business, Career, Ministry, Your Job, Family, Relationship, Marriage, there is a lot more you can know and be a better person, and there are millions of Authors all around the world. Amazon is a good place to have access to millions of Good Books, get on amazon and buy kindle books on topics of your interest. 

If you know more than this, you will impact your world better than you do right now.

You must read books on Finance, Personal Development, Health, Spirituality (Holy Spirit and walking with God), Money, Wealth, Leadership, Relationship and Marriage, Parenting, and other aspects of Life that is important to you.

2. Wake up Early : This is very important, don’t sleep too much, this is a new year,if you want to get better at your work, your job, business, career and all that pertains to you, then, you must deny yourself of pleasure like sleeping, watching movies late in the night. 

All that some students will ever need is to quit movies and sleeping and stay awake a little more in the night and they will emerge the best in their academic endeavors, this same thing goes for Business and Career people, too much sleep is a major head way to Poverty, so learn to be highly discipline. 

3. Be committed to following God : This is very important, following the Lord in this context talks about you spiritual life. You must accept JESUS as your lord and saviour, believe in his finished work, begin to live your life by his ways, word and his will. 

The Bible says, “Been carnally minded is Death, but been spiritually minded is Life”. So if you must stay alive, and be successful. Then, you have to be spiritual, and been spiritual here talks about “Walking with the spirit of God”. In your Business endeavors, career, relationship, let God lead you, guide you and help you by his spirit. Pray continually to God so that you can receive from God, important instruction as pertaining to your Life, Direction is the speed boat to fulfillment of Destiny.

4. Maximize your Time : This year, there is no wasting of time!

 All the unnecessarily and unproductive chats and gist must be seriously avoided this year. 

You can not afford to go the same way you did last year. You will not get the best out of the year, if you waste time, It’s amazing how time flies, and you must learn to redeem time by setting goals for each week and each day, this s very important!

While l was an undergraduate, i run Big Businesses in thousand of Dollars and yet, i monitor my school programs and academic activities alongside and it as been going smooth together, this is because; I prioritize my time and discipline myself to make sure important things alone are attended to and giving utmost concentration.

I don’t go around club and night party like other students in school.

You must learn to cut some things out of your agenda this year.

5. Keep only The Right Company of People : The company you keep, goes a long way to determine what accompanies you on the longrun.

You must be vigilant and careful with the category of people that you keep around you, because they go a long way to influence and determine what eventually become of you at the end of the day.

If you are focus on a cause and vision, then you must keep Vision minded people around you, birds of the same feather, flocks together. Only keep people with right mindset and perspective with you, you can not be trying to become a manager and you are walking with people who just want to end up a gateman.

This won’t work, so ensure you keep the right company of people around you always. Human influence is one of the greatest influence in our world today, amke sure you keep the people who will influence you positively.

6. Be Vision Minded : Where there is no Vision, the people are sure soon going to perish, you must be vision minded and vision oriented. Vision in this context talks about, having certain goals that you are living for, a reason for existence is what i simply call “Vision”. 

Something that you are living for, a reason for existence, that is what Vision is, Don’t exist in frustration, keep your eye on a Purpose.

It is not enough to be educated, a graduate without vision will end up n Confusion.

7. Eat Healthy Food : As you begin to pursue your goals in the new year, remember “Health is Wealth” You must put all measures in place to the end that your health is not starved! 

You must eat well always, eat good Food, so as to stay healthy! It really doesn’t matter how much money you are making, as soon as your health is out of place, you are at a great risk.

Always eat good food, if need be to visit the health center, don’t hesitate, some people are killing themselves gradually with “Self-medication”. This is not good, you must make a new year resolution to take your health with utmost seriousness. 

Don’t go on a particular category of food all through the week, you need a balanced diet.

8. Build a Good Relationship :  When God himself wants to help you and bless you, he uses people, God will not come down to help you here, he will rather use people for you.

It is disastrous to starve your relationship with people anyhow, those whom you are looking down today, might be the only way out you  need tomorrow. Build a good relationship with people both at home, in your office, in Business, church and even in your place of work.

People are Indispensable in the journey of Life, keep them, honor them!

9. Make other People Happy : When you are able to bring Joy, Smiling and Good will to the lives of people, you will be in a state of Peace and Joy!

Always give yourself to good works, invest in people’s dream, remember Charity faileth Not! invest in other people’ s dream, be a part of their success story, it has a way of helping you obtain joy and fulfillment in Life. 
People who are selfish and mindful of themselves alone, don’t go far and won’t get the best out of life, you must commit yourself to the responsibility of making other people happy and success.

10. Vacation and Holiday :  Life was never meant to be spend in one place, take
some time out, travel to new places, meet new people and maximize your experience in this one life that you live.

There are a lot of mind blowing things around the world, don’t just stay in one place limiting yourself, go out and see the make up of other area of life in another place and how it is, this will help you get a new and better perspective.

Vacation and Travels during Holiday also help your health to stay absolutely on the track always.

Don’t work yourself to fatigue, go on Holiday, Learn new things, take some rest, meet new people and enjoy a Better experience in Life.

I wish you a more prosperous and more productive Life in 2018.

I know this information as been helpful to you, drop a comment to keep it alive and share your own perspective also.
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