How I came out of Debt and Financial Breakdown!


Acclaim the name of the Lord both from now and perpetually, so be it.

Today, I need to share a declaration to the magnificence and recognition of the name of the Lord, Amen.

Have experienced different difficulties in my day to day existence, yet I think the greatest of all is the difficulties that came on my Business and funds around 5years back, I never realized I could emerge from it, I never realized it can reach a conclusion, however I give God the brilliance today, since it is a past, Jesus is without a doubt the Lord.

It happened this way;

God gave me a Business thought and I was running it effectively and in practically no time, God favoured my Business incredibly, then, I concocted a thought, which appears to be great really, yet toward the end, I accept it was not God’s will for me to make that stride, recall the good book says, there is a way that appears ok to men however the end is the method of death, that was the very case here, yet what thought was that?

I got financial backers into my Business; I had individuals who put away their cash with me, into my Business and I was paying them a specific sum or % each 2 to 3months. Presently, this was quite easy to run from the beginning, so I didn’t think of it as no joking matter, many individuals really put away huge cash, even in large number of naira with me and that made me exceptionally blissful and apparently rich likewise, yet it was anything but smart on the long run truly, on the grounds that it impacted my Business and funds by the day’s end.

That’s what the main test was, it come to a point by which the sum I was paying individuals month to month or 2 to 3monthly after our business return came in, was excessively, it resembled working like an elephant and eating like insect, I was utilizing my expertise and potential to work for individuals yet I was not getting a decent part of the re-visitation of myself or to the Business. I was never under any commitment not to decrease the benefits share, yet I chose not to do as such, on the grounds that I would rather not frustrate individuals, (horrendously, similar arrangement of individuals I would have rather not disheartened them. Wound up disheartening me and causing me problems on the longrun).

We proceeded with along these lines, until my business was feeling the squeeze, since we don’t have to the point of recharging the Business smooth running, as bigger level of our pay continue onward back to the financial backers, all since we would rather not dishearten them, this set us back a ton of issues and stress, monetary tension and difficulties, we were not grinning yet our financial backers were grinning, here we should stop the speculation program, yet, we proceeded and that prompted serious obliteration and assault on the BUSINESS.

The Business at a point fizzled in light of the fact that the record we were utilizing to bring in cash got prohibited on the web, and this impacted our main pay source, both for the Business and for our financial backers, as of now, we told our financial backers we can never again proceed with the program, then every financial backers need their capital back, this was a blustery time, on the grounds that the business that can give the asset as been endangered, a significant investment of time and energy to make sense of what befell our financial backers was not yielding any great criticism, it was clear no one truly care about you, your prosperity what makes a difference to individuals is their cash in your grasp or some cash they are anticipating from you, assuming I realized this was the situation, I would have closure the venture program quite a while in the past or even lessen the % we pay to a crazy sum that won’t cost us a fortune.

When everyone began mentioning for a discount, I needed to take care of around 3 individuals with the cash accessible, however we actually have around 7 individuals on our neck, some were attempting to be understanding, others were not, one of them was even somebody whom I trained a similar business and assist him with setting up everything and since he had no financial backers like mine, he was doing fine, learn to expect the unexpected. He came to my home with SARs, and I was stunned, we went to their office, yet I say thanks to God, God took control that day, I was debilitated and taking medication, the SARS people picked the medication, my minister came to the SARs office that day, and let them know he knows about everything and he was even the one that purchased the medication for me, at last they concurred that we ought to go to the person’s legal counsellor office and sort things, that was the way I had the option to return back home that day, yet from that day, I couldn’t rest around evening time, I realized there is a serious fire on the mountain.

Since this is only one of my loan bosses, what of others, what are they doing? I was in serious trepidation, and it arrived at a point, I needed to escape to another city, when a few people came to my home one more evening, I thought it was police this time around, yet it was not, they were even my congregation individuals whom I owe simply 70k (I was bewildered on the grounds that I have given individuals 100k, 150k and, surprisingly, more previously, I have likewise assist individuals with taking care of their obligations before), however presently, things are not working out in a good way for me once more and I realize I am in some hot water at the present time. I needed to escape from where I was to another city, and begin another life there while looking for an answer for my dilemma.

At some point, out of disappointment, I was petitioning God for an exit from this wreck, and keeping in mind that I was supplicating the Lord showed me an image of a creature, and I got out whatever does this implies? Also, God shared with me, do you recall that when the widow went to the prophet Elisha, the prophet said, what do you have in your home? She didn’t express anything with the exception of a Jar of Oil, and that oil was conveyed for her supernatural occurrence, I said OK LORD! Then, he told me, this creature is your own Oil, I said why? I’m vigorously obliged in Millions of Naira, how could this creature be my Oil of arrangement and way out? Then, at that point, the sacred texts came to my soul; “favoured is she that accept, for there will be a presentation of all that is informed her by the LORD”.

So that reinforces my confidence, and I said, Lord I trust you; let it be unto me as per your statement, this was in the early evening that day, while I was supplicating o, I was scooting with a companion in his home, he was a keyboardist in a Dunamis Church then, at that point, he didn’t actually know me from anyplace, besides in that congregation, I requested that he if it’s not too much trouble, permit me move to his home since I joined the congregation ensemble, this generous sibling permitted me, in any event, when he didn’t have any idea what I was going through.

Presently, I should likewise say, since I left the city where I was previously, and the majority of my loan bosses are around there, they don’t see me once more and I don’t pick their calls either on the grounds that I don’t have the cash to take care of them yet, I was only searching for how I might repay the cash, so I can be free.
Large numbers of them thought I had taken off with their cash, however this isn’t thus, I am an individual of honesty simply that the situation was making it look like, I was taking off with their cash, yet It wasn’t along these lines, I truly need to enjoy harmony of brain to have the option to escape the difficulties.

Presently, in dutifulness to everything God said to me, I began the animal ranch in a tiny manner, and around then, I was supplicating both around evening time, 12 PM and day time, I was truly searching for an exit plan frantically, I wanted an answer definitely, whenever God first accomplished for me was that, he got me contact with a prophet of God, I imparted my difficulties to him and he concluded that we ought to meet up at a spot called “Youth Camp” where we can ask together, so during the week we pick a day and on Sunday at night as well, we meet and ask together.

From that point, God started to appear, the main sign I recall is that, God gave me clients, they were simply able to purchase those creatures from me, the pay from that point was not a lot, yet it was something that could deal with my food need, transport and prosperity. That’s what another significant advancement was, somebody from Kogi state came to the state where I was, and she came for a wedding; I was owing her some cash as well, around 200k. When she mentioned to see me, I carried her to my home and she meet me for the absolute first time, she asked me, what are you doing now? I told her, I am into domesticated animals cultivating, and she saw the creatures inside the enclosure, she love them and she said, she will jump at the chance to get some of them (and I was at that point thinking, she will get them for nothing). Yet, she really paid for them, however she told me, how about you do this thing in huge scope? I said, mama… I will jump at the chance to do so as well, yet I don’t have cash right now to do huge scope, she said OKAY, she has burned through 2million on the wedding she came for, yet when she return to Kogi state, she will see how she might assist me with collecting some cash by then. I said Okay mama.

She left, fourteen days a short time later, she called and mentioned for my financial balance subtleties, I sent it to her, a modern day miracle, she sent me 100k and said, I ought to proceed to extend my Business, when I am creating great gains I can repay her cash… I was like, what!!! Is this the way in which God work? That was the start of my leap forward; rapidly I requested for additional animals from Ibadan and extended my homestead.

Allow me to let you know something here, God is genuine, God is strong, in any event, when you are down, God is as yet figuring out things, simply accept him, regardless of what you are going through, God can in any case make an exit plan for you in any event, when you think it is absolutely impossible, God is for sure a way creator, that was the way things started to change for me for good, after her own, somebody likewise paid me 50k to get a few animals, I began paying the obligations progressively, yet the one that knock my socks off the most is that, while I was thinking this animal business God advised me to wander into isn’t similar to poultry cultivating, is certainly not a worthwhile Business or a typical one, well… God understands what he is doing.

Quite soon, the Business turned into a flourishing endeavour in Nigeria and many individuals started to wander into it, that was the manner by which I ran into serious cash through the Business, paid an obligation of over 4.5 Million Naira helpfully, individuals started to look from different states, all over, God thrived my methodologies and freed me once again from obligation, I return the magnificence

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