How I tried to Modernize Car wash Business

Still on my mobile car wash days… One lesson I learnt the hard way was to never sell the wrong value proposition.

That no matter how passionate you are about a problem, and how much your solution makes sense in your head, if your customer is not equally passionate about eliminating that same problem, you’re going to zero eventually.

For instance, we were telling our potential customers that we washed cars better because we used microfiber towels and quality chemicals yen yen yen. We were trying to educate our customers that using anyhow detergents and sponges to wash their cars would make the paint fade quickly.

We were speaking English!

An average Nigerian doesn’t care which sponge was used to wash his car. Abi you don ever see anyone enter carwash come dey ask them which type of sponge do they use?🤣😂

Nigerians don’t care about any microfiber kinikan. Someone that gives his estate gateman 1k for a whole month of DAILY car wash. We were offering that same person N1,500 for a single wash, because of microfiber towel😁😆.

Looking back now, we should have realized that our competition was those gatemen. So our value proposition should have been a subscription model that brings all those same professionalism, but at a price point that competes directly with those security guards.

Take a cue, if you may, for your own business.


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