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How to Get Help (Cashout/withdraw) in MMM United

Get help(GH) is only available after  Providing help
Note: withdrawal of mavro before 30 days will affect mavro growth.

To withdraw capital, you need to select capital from mavro tab and click on cashout mavro.

skip step a and b if you dont want to withdraw your capital.
 a. from dashboard click mavro, select your capital and click on “cashout mavro”.

b. click ok and go back to dashboard.

1.  Click on “Get Help”

2. Select and click next

3. Select bitcoin address and click next

4.Click “all” on the amount you want to withdraw


5. Once the amount appear on text box click next


6. Verify and click next

7.  You will receive a success message and your get help request will appear on your personal office

8. Wait for requested help to be matched, time  varies (1 minute – 2 weeks)


9. Once you  receive help click on “details” and  click ” confirm fund reception

10. Rate and comment on transaction


11.  Transaction will appear with fully checked green mark

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