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How to Make $100 daily Online without Investment

Earning USD$100 Daily is never a rocket science and it is not an impossibility on the internet today, there are folks around the world who banks in thousands of dollars on a daily basis on the internet, so there are so much tendencies and earning potential online than you could ever think, the height of the amount you can make is solely determined by how much you know, if know better, you will earn even much more.

Gone are the days when all everybody knows and do is to scam and dupe people online just to earn foreign currency, but the truth is, those days are gone, guys now wake up in the morning login to their account and pile up money so much legitimately and just anybody can do this.
So I checked into my Quora account this morning and i got a question from a friend in the United states, asking how he can earn $100 Dollars Online daily in a Legitimate way, if it hadn’t been legitimate i would not have been interested in answering that question at all.
Now i know the feeling of earning $100 daily can be weird and crazy especially when its the first time, but the truth remains, it is very possible, don’t think its too much, there are folks who earns $1000 to $5000 Legitimately online, i use have a friend whom we both starting out on Internet Marketing and Online Business many years ago, he currently rack in not lesser than $20,000 to $24,000 every month legitimately working from Home on the internet, so these are proofs to help you understand and realize how possible it is for anybody to earn money working online and earning good amount of profits to live a comfortable life.

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One of the beauty of working on the Internet is the freedom that you achieve, you have the rest of time to yourself to do better things and enjoy your life.
So back to our focus for today,

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How Do I earn $100 and above Daily?
Well, the answer is not far fetch and it will not be a new thing that you haven’t heard of before, it will just need a serious and better approach if you must make it work.
I am going to give you just 4 Ways to Earn $100 Dollars Daily Online.
  1. Blogging : Now someone might be frustrated or say, oh Blogging again? Yeah! That is because its real, working and paying in big time, there are quiet a lot millions of Bloggers currently in the United states right now that are making a killing from Blogging and you can be the next, do you love writing and have a fascinating skill at writing articles? Then, Blogging is your kind of internet Business model, the truth is when you are trying to build a business that last the test of time, your zeal, passion and interest/skills becomes a major requirement, and that is why i am not recommending everyone to go out and turn out as a blogger No! Just fr those who truly have  a good writing skill and who takes much pleasure in writing articles.  CNN, BCC, NEWYORKTIMES, they are all top Blogsites that are basically killing it in the news and media industry, what they are doing is also Blogging, just that by popularity they have been able to develop it into a big time Million Dollars Business. You too can, you just have to be passionate and put determination in place. Blogging is not a quick-cash-scheme and it is not a get-rich-quick scheme too, it requires hard work and passion and you must create time to be persistent and consistently working on improving your blog readership, ranking, feasibility and quality content to attract a stable follower and audience database which will in turn lead to more cash and profits for you on the long run. The Major ways to Earn with Blogging is Adsense, so let me quickly show you how to earn $100 dollars and above with Adsense via Blogging, i have earned $120 Dollars between 3am to 8am in the morning with just a total of 7,000 readers on my blog, so when $100 dollars on adsense daily is your target then you must get ready for a stable 10,000 to 20,000 readership and traffic level daily on your blog, this is not an impossibility, search engine alone can give you 100,000 plus readers on a daily basis if your contents are original and quality/useful to your readers. You can also achieve this easily via a social media fan page, in fact you can have millions of traffic to your blog on a daily basis via a social media fan page (facebook page, facebok group, twitter handle and so on), you just have to be ready to run some adverts and gain likes and followers n your page to the end that they can always see your link and if its of interest to them, they will follow it and click through into your website, this is how many news and media blog makes a whole lot of profits via their blogsites, they invest into facebook adverts to gain quality fan page likes and they continually post breaking news, entertainment gists about top celebrities and stuffs like that gain engagement, now if you are not in all these fancy niches, it might work for you, so you might just have to wait on the search engine and fill your website with good quality content that can be rankable by the search engine.
  2. Freelance Job Offers : This is one of the best and most reliable business on the internet, from over 5-years experience i have had working on the internet, i have come to realize that, one of the greatest fear we had with programs, like ppc, including adsense and some other ones was the fear of not getting paid, and it use to be due to accounts been banned for violating certain laws or the other, even at times, when we didn’t really violate any law, we get banned, in 2016 i lost close to $2,000 to Google Adsense on records of Invalid Clicks, so i just trying to state our fears those days, but in the case of Freelance service Online, you can be rest assured you are gonna be paid your money. It is very rare to get banned as most of the terms and conditions are easy to adhere to. Do you know how to write well ?  Do you love to design graphics? blog and website? Are you a good programmer or a web developer?  Then Freelance is a good and even better way to over $500 daily working for various clients around the world. There are two ways to it; It’s either you create your own profile and business site and get clients directly, or you join freelancing website across the world and get daily orders from those who are interested in your service and who are ready to pay you good amount of money. But its best to join the freelance website, and list your services (gigs) for sales, there is a stable traffic that comes into these websites on a daily basis, so you can be sure you are going to make a lot of profits, you can also develop a good relationship with your clients and secure a good business term deals that will go a long way to help you earn a lot. Fiverr, Freelance, Elance, Seoclerks amongst others are good place to get started. 
  3. Internet/Affiliates Marketing : marketing for companies and brands across the world is giving many people, the wealth, riches, peace and freedom they have always desire, i do tell my friends in young men Business meetings, that there are more buying and selling going on daily on the internet than offline (blocks and brick shops). Platforms like Godaddy, Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, and so on makes a whole lot of money selling various products online and they pay good amount of money to their affiliate marketers, some products on clickbank pays 70% profits affiliates, so when you sell the product ( let assume it goes for $100, you take $70) so if you are able to market it to 10 people, that will be a whooping 10 x 70 = $700, that is a lot of cash bravo! And with a good internet marketing knowledge like traffic system, list building, sales page development and so on,you can develop a very good sales for products that are really selling, and with this, you can even make up to $1,000 Daily. 
  4. Sell Your Own Products : You are under utilizing the potential of the internet to earn profits if you are not selling anything, the big money on the internet comes in when you begin to sell something, selling is the winning key Online. You can develop any kind of products, but make sure it is what people are buying or are willing/ready to buy, you can create some highly sophisticated apps for college student with some irresistible offers that will attract a good market and list it for certain amount, if you are a writer, you can write on niches like Weight Loss, Business, Make Money Online, Relationship and Sex and so on, and you will make good money selling all of these Online, a friend of mine who happens to be a publisher on amazon kindle now make over $6000 monthly from his Books that are sold on amazon kindle, the law of life says Money goes solely to the direction of Value, so if you really want to make good money, you must be value conscious, if your book is informative and value loaded, you are surely to get sales and make good money with it.
There are other ways through which you can earn good profits above $100 dollars, but these four(4) i just shared above are sure and reliable, tested and trusted source of good money on the internet that can earn you a living legitimately. 

Get into e-Commerce. Its more than a Trillion dollar industry. If you also want a chunk of this much money, there are a lot of opportunities for you. You could literally sell your stuff on Amazon and e-Bay and generate thousands of dollars. 
Once you start generating profit, run some ads and your sales would be further boosted.
Get into blogging. I also recommend these to people who are good at writing. Make a good blog and put good content on it. Also work on your social media pages for the blog. Put some ads and your earning will start to roll in.
BONUS: If you want to blog, i recommend you to go with native ads. They will cobvert best and will generate good cpc.

Age old question which almost everyone has tried searching and got disappointed.
Consider the below :
  1. Do you have any particular set of skills in which you are good.
  2. Are you willing to do the hard work?
  3. Will you focus on the marketing and selling technique (genuine one)?
If you said – “YES” then you can earn $100 per day.
However that won’t be without any investment. You need to spend some money and time.
I know that this sounds contradictory to what you asked. Truth be told nonetheless.
Some Scams which you might encounter
  1. High Return Investment
This might give you some returns to lure you to invest big amounts and then they will vanish.
They aren’t legal and they work on the referral system bonus and you would refer tonnes of people who would get scammed too.
Maybe you were referred by someone in the system who thought it was a profitable business. It isn’t.
2. Clicking Ads to Earn
Some are legit and some are scam.
Those who are scam companies will never pay you while you might do the heavy lifting of clicking thousands of ads each day until you get tired.
Those which are legit pay you like $5 every 10000 clicks which take you like 5 months. The moral of the story – pure waste of time.
3. Typing jobs, writing jobs and document conversion
Here too there are legit companies however most of them you won’t find by doing a Google search.
They suck the energy and work from you and never pay you.
The legit ones which pay meager amounts isn’t worth your time and those which pay nice amounts are not easy to get into.

If you are considering that you won’t invest anything and earn $100 then be ready for disappointment.
Earning online is same as offline.
The advantage is scale and reach. You can scale your business to the entire globe by reaching them digitally.
Consider the job of counselling. You need to get remarkable at you skill to earn $100 for a session offline.
Once you have reached that level you can do the same thing sitting at your home online. People will pay you once you prove you are the best in the industry.
There are many things which you can do online and earn $100 per day. It would take anywhere from 1 year to 10 years though.
It depends on you.

How To Become Remarkable To Earn More
  1. Invest In Yourself
Attend coaching classes, enroll in online courses and learn from the mentor. Never miss an opportunity to become the best in the industry. You are the best. If not then try to become one.
2. Start Small
You won’t earn $100 per day if you don’t start and earn something initially. Online it is a milestone to earn $1. Once you do that, you know there is no limit to the earnings. Keep on pushing.
3. Believe in Yourself
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It is okay. Maybe the online business is not for you.
It is okay. Try it out and give your best.
I wish you and everyone all the best. Stay Awesome.

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