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How To Make Money Online for a Living in Nigeria

Hello people,

As the year is running to an end, i have decided to shed more light on a confusing aspect of internet business that as held so many supposed-to-be successful internet giant and potential writers and freelance at the back, and it seems making money is only for some category of people.

  I understand that when i was coming in with business online it was not easy however, the truth of the matter is that since internet as been existing people have been making money and before i knew about what is called “internet” and now that am an expert at the use of the web’ I have seen people make so much money.

Basically, this post is just to show you that you too can make money, i have been scammed by many people while i was short of knowledge of what works online, i paid so many people that promised heaven on earth; and they eventually run away with my money, it wasn’t easy copying with this, however; i have stood on my watch to monitor read and research online with countless sleepless nights just to read so many resources  on google but today they have helped me know how the internet business works and how people are making money.

Now Your Question is;
Is it possible to make money Online?
Is it real to earn a living online?
Are people really making so much money on the internet like we have been told?
Can I also make money Online?
Well,I have just one answer to all these questions; and that is YES!!!

It is possible to make money online,
people are making so much money online.,
many internet experts are earning a living online, and you too can make money Online.

Now that i have given you the right orientation about making money in Nigeria,

Let move to How do people make money online in Nigeria?

Well, There are so many ways to make money anywhere in the world, but today presently in Nigeria; there are some in vogue internet business that seems to be surviving the test of time and in all season they are flourishing.

Before I list them below, i recommend you read the future of internet business in Nigeria, so as to be rest assured of what you are about to venture into, its an endless venture with a promising future.

1. Blogging
2. E-commerce
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Information Marketing.
5. Web Creation and Consultancy

Now let me take them one by one and explain how it works.

1. Blogging : When you mention blogging to an average Nigerian, you will hear “Linda Ikeji thing” this tells you every Nigerian now knows the top blogger in Nigeria as Linda Ikeji.

 Nigeria a nation with an average of 200 Million people are beginning to use to the internet for various purpose, ranging from searching for information and utilizing social media sites like facebook, twitter, googleplus among others for various use, from this practices; came blog reading, it not a popular thing 10years ago, but revolution is constantly taking place every now and then, Nigerians as now found it lovely to read information on blogs, and also most local searches done on google lead the reader to a Nigeria blog and from there – Blogging – and blog readership begin to build up gradually and now its a big thing in the country.

Just before we continue, it may surprise you to know that Nigeria Top Blogger – Linda Ikeji is net worth #2.3 Billion.

All that was earned from Blogging’ that shows you and me that blogging is a rich and wealthy industry in Nigeria, as long as you can advertise and reach your audience with time and consistency you will get there.

We also have more rich bloggers in Nigeria, the likes of Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbongeblog.com, Bella Naija, Donvin, Clement Ogudu, Gabriel Hansome, Segun of Justnaira.com, Geek.ng, Pulse.ng, Naij.com and lots more rich and successful Bloggers and brands in Nigeria.

2. e-Commerce : This is another trending business on the internet in Nigeria, with the emerge of Konga.com, Jumia.com, Dealdey.com, among others, all of a sudden ecommerce gained ground in Nigeria and just like amazon.com as been doing well in the United state and other technologically advacnced countries, so as well its happening right now in Nigeria and a lot of investors are now investing into ecommerce business, the concept of bring out your mastercards to shop online without having to go to the market or leave your comfort zone makes it lovely, and now top ecommerce brands in Nigeria like Konga.com, Jumia.com now rank in Millions of naira monthly from the deals on their website, before ecommerce prevail in Nigeria, some Nigerians as been utilizing amazon.com but the ease of using a company in the same country is absolutely amazing, you can start an ecommerce company of your own, get a niche ” a market” also get a store where you keep your goods before they are been purchased, build  a brand, and make your website easy to be used for users, let your contact be steady and intact so that buyers can contact you anytime they want during the working days.

eCommerce is not a industry for broke dudes, but those that have good money to invest, don’t dare ecommerce if you don’t have money to host your website or run good advert for your blog.

3. Affiliate Marketing : Whether in Nigeria, or any other country of the world, affiliate marketing is a big deal, as a matter of fact we have more affiliate marketers in the United state, those that are basically into Affiliate marketing alone, and that is what they are doing for a long, even in India we have the like or harsh agrawal of shoutmeloud.com that makes close to $100,000 from affiliate marketing, now there re many affiliate companies in the world that you can sign up with, but how does affiliate marketing works?

It’s simple, let take for instance; i run a drug firm, you are an affiliate with my company so all we do, is you bring buyers for my drugs and you get paid some agreed percentage, one of the top affiliate company in the world is “Clickbank” and we have some sellers right there on clickbank that pays their affiliates 70% of each sales that comes in through their affiliate links. 
A Nigeria tech blogger once won the #1 Best Affiliate marketing of the year from konga.com and he won millions of naira bringing buyers for konga products via his affiliate link on his blog, so that tells you affiliate marketing rocks in Nigeria.

4. Information Marketing : This is the easiest way to make money online anywhere in the world!
Find a problem, create a product ‘solution’ around it and sell it! Simple!
A lot of people out there are looking for one information or the other online, if you have the solution to their problem, they pay you straight!

Nigeria as produce so many Information marketers, and the list keeping increasing daily, the likes of Adetunji Gbolagade, Akin Alabi, Jide Ogunsanya and many more, some smart information marketers also go further into organising seminars where the teach people and at the end sell their information product thereby making more money.

I once created an information product on my agric blog on ‘Grasscutter Farming’ the ebook was crafted in PDF Format, and sold fr just #3000 ow multiply that by 50, 3000×50 = that’s a whopping of 150,000 That is no small money!

If your product is hot demand then you can even attract millions of buyer which means lots of money for you.

5. Web Creation and Consultancy Services : We have since been talking about internet business, blogging, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, information marketing, all of this requires a website page as an interface to get them done, we run everything online and online means on the web’ web = website, so for any business online you need a website, just like you need a shop for an offline business too.

Online, the shop is your website, so that even while you are asleep transaction is going on, on your website and you are earning while sleeping.

All internet business growth as brought life to web business, website designers and web developers are now making millions and smiling to bank, because every now and then, people create a blog or website.
So if all the businesses listed above does not interest you at all, then creating website for small and local business can be your own source of income online.

Most of our local businesses in Nigeria are now trying to get themselves online by having a website where customers can reach them and also where they can advertise their services, keep contacts of their customers and much more.
So as a web designer or a web expert you can make money online and offline as you desire and as long as you advertise your business.

There are many bloggers out there that doesn’t know about web at all, so for every little stylish effect on their blog, they need your service as a web designer ad they are always ready to pay for what they don’t know as long as it promise to move their business forward.

Other organisations like churches are also getting online and all of them needs a web designer.

Application development is in vogue today and every company wants t have their own mobile app, these are all works of web developers, so you can see the market is endless.

Also seeing all of these potential, if you are a web expert, you can make a lot of profits, consultancy is another platform to do that; many people will come to you to inquire about how they can better their businesses online, others will come that you may build a professional site for them and all these attracts good money.

I believe i have open your eyes today?

The list is endless, other means by which you can make money is writing articles as a freelance writer, making your own product and writing kindle books to be sold on amazon.

Another major challenge those that wants to make money online as is confusion, so many people are confuse on which one they should choose, i have been thee too but i suggest you start with one, by the time you are successful with that one then yo can move to another one.
That is how to maintain success online.

Don’t do everything! 
Don’t overload yourself with too much information, start from somewhere and then see how it goes.

We offer Blog Creation Service, both for blogger and wordpress

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