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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Making money is now everyone’s goal, both old and young; we all want to make money. 

Before now, there had been a notion that you had to get your hands dirty before you make money, you had to do herculean jobs to make cool money. 

How physically fit you are would determine your chances of making money. 

Well, it used to be true then but obviously not now. 

You can make money from the corner of your bedroom, without much ado. 

Also, the myth university degree as a measure to make money and being educated as a yardstick to make money are now obsolete, old-fashioned because the story is no longer the same.

There are several young people who are making real money without the use of educational qualifications and accolades, rather, they put their creativity and passion into business, thus, making a lot of money on a daily basis.

 The internet is a pot of soup for all and sundry, there are myriad of opportunities that abound it. 

The young billionaires of this age make their money online; online businesses are stress free, they can be done at any pace depending on your ability.

Average Nigerian, both old and young, use the internet for at least 6 hours out of the 24hour that make up a day. 

What are they doing? 

They are merely enjoying the handiwork of some or one astute young fellow, who has seen internet as a money making venture. 

There is nothing stopping you from doing such. 

Online business is enough to suffice the nation, it can never be saturated. 

If you know how to play your game right and well, I assure you of sharing success stories in less than 24 months.

 Here are creative ways you can make money online, legitimately, without much ado:
  • Website designing
Designing website is a great way of making money online if you are passionate and willing to make money truly. 

Every firm wants to extend their business outreach as large as possible, both home and abroad; the only means and most reliable way to achieve this objective is to have an online platform. 

This is a sure market for you as a website designer because everyday, new businesses sprout up and are so desperate to make a name. 

This can only be achieved through having a website, no matter the size and capacity of the business, for it to compete with its contemporaries, it require a website.

Aside for designing website, you can as well design and make use of the website yourself and make money from two streams. 

You can startup a forum, a forum like Nairaland, where different people from different race and country log on, share ideas and relate.

 Also, you can start a blog like naijaloaded and Linda ikeji blog, where you share news and information on anything you love doing.

 Believe me, what you blog about is a problem somewhere or somehow around the globe, so for you to take up this task, you will surely make a living for yourself. 

Once you have a regular visit and gain loyalty and trust, you can make money from advertisements by the virtue of the large number of your website visitors. 

High traffic is what you need to make money in this case, it is all you need to convince brands to advertise on your website.

  • Selling your products online
If you are an entrepreneur and have products you sell, you can put it online for marketing. 

With this, you can reach a wide range of customers to patronize you. 

All you need is to have a website, you can get things at any rate depending on how sophisticated you want your website to be. 

Most of the top brands in Nigeria now display their products online to attract buyers. 

Also, with regular and high number of visitors, you can allow other firms advertise on your platform, thus, making money for that also.

  • EBook sales
EBooks are books sold online, they are always of different field of study, be it engineering, agriculture, medicine, law etc. You can venture into this business and make cool cash for yourself. 

Most people are always deterred to buy books from bookshops, probably due to the stress encountered on their way to the bookshop or the size  and price of the books in hard copy. So they gleefully prefer soft copies to hard ones as it requires less space and relatively inexpensive to buy.

 This is an online business opportunity, where you can make money unnoticed; get books and design a payment channel where all interested buyers pay with their debit card into your account. 

The more relevant you are in this trade, the more money you are liable to make.

  • Freelance writing
This is another way to make cool money online, your dexterity in writing will fetch you money even without having a degree yet. 

As a freelance writer, you make money through writing articles for media firms; these firms are ready to pay and much as how creative your articles are.

 All you need is just to have a platform like a blog, where you exhibit this God’s gift, writing. 

As you gain more fame, the chances of your call to their service gets higher. 

However, you can apply, just use the search engine like google and apply as a freelance writer; one you get approved, just try to be creative and maintain the new working experience.

However, this job has an abhorrence and it is plagiarism. 

Do not copy and paste article, trying to pull wools in the eye of your employer. 

Just try to be faithful and creative, you would enjoy this opportunity.

The internet is a gold mine for all creative and prudent fellow. 

Do not think you cannot do it or it is not going to be easy when you have not actually started. 

Get your feet wet before you conclude, as I have said earlier, you just have to be creative to make money online.

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