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How to make money through Affiliate marketing

Money making is very important, money is one of the basic needs of life. Money can be made legitimately through different means, opportunities abound us but most times we lack the sight to identify and the creativity to implement them.

The social media is a huge source opportunities, all the components of social media are sources of income; if carefully optimized. One of them is the affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising programme that involves an intermediary in which the income of the intermediary is determined by the amount of sales made through him or her. On the other hand, it is a type of business in which the level of performance of the person involved determines the profit made.

There are many brands in Nigeria, both foreign and indigenous, their sole aim is to make profit and increase productivity. The conventional way of marketing, a times, is not enough to reach the brand market potential; they need some extra hands to make them break even. This is where affiliate marketing comes in; with this, it serves as a source of income for some unemployed youths.

As an affiliate marketer, you do not only sell the brand products, you are as well selling yourself. In the sense that, it is the way you portray yourself, people give you audience and patronize you. You need to have an impeccable character, trust is key. People must trust you and ready to listen to you; this is where you make money.

As an affiliate marketer, you have some percentage on every sale you made; this is fixed and paid into your account once the transaction is successful. You will be provided with a code or identify number, with which sales are made through. Every transaction from this link is uniquely yours and payment will be made based on the number of sales recorded.

All you need to do is to market the products at your convenience; you can start from your neighborhood and graduate to larger community.

 However, if you are creative enough, you can as well create a platform online where you market these goods and your profit keeps piling. 

One interesting thing about this is that, it teaches you some trading tactics; you meet more people as much as you make money.

You can be an affiliate marker for more than one brand, no brand is witch-hunting you; all they need from you is to increase their sales and you are going to be paid accordingly. 

You make money from your trading with these brands.

To make money through affiliate marketing, you need to follow the following steps:
  • Decide your business format: Basically, there are two business formats for affiliate marketers, the resource site and review site. This is just how you want your business to look like. The resource site is like linking the affiliate link to a postthe link redirects the interested buyers or clients to the brand’s site and transaction is made if necessary. In this type of format; the platform, blog, must always be busy and engaged to ensure buyers troop in on a daily basis.
The other one, the review site, is like a warehouse or catalog of the brand; the products reviews are made and place on your platform, showing all the necessary details of the product. A link or banner to the brand website is placed on your platform for interested clients or buyers to log on to make possible transaction. These formats are strategies to ensure an affiliate marketer breaks even in the business line.
  • Design and launch your website: This is very important, it is convenient and easily accessible. Your website is your platform and the interphase between the buyers and the brand your are tacitly working for. It is where you implement your business format and where buyers pick interest in the advertised product.Your website can serve two purposes, it can be a blog or a personal website, both are good for the business.
  • Decide on a nicheYour niche is very important, your niche is what your blog or website contains, what you blog about. This is very crucial as it determines your audience, your audience are functions of your affiliate marketing. If your niche drives Kids and teenagers then it may not favor  your affiliate marketing program if what you advertise mostly is mainly for adult use. So knowing the right niche is very important and it helps your affiliate marketing a lot.
  • Apply as an affiliate marketer of available brand: One of the criteria to be considered before approving you as an affiliate marketer is your platform, the website, without this, it might be cumbersome to accept your application. But with it and its content, you can be approved; provided your contents are appeasing ones. Upon the review of your website, you would be sent a message informing you of your approval. After your confirmation as an affiliate marketer, you would be required to place a link or banner, displaying the products, on your platform; to attract prospective buyers, thus, making sales and profit simultaneously.
  • Increase your blog audience: What comes next is to ensure you increase your blog audience, the larger your blog audience the higher your chances of making sales on your affiliate marketing link, thus making money from it. You make money as you make sales; as said earlier, there is a certain percentage attached to every product advertised on your link. So no doubt about your income, it is as sure as death.
As you grow on this business, you make friends and build relationships based on trust; this will help you a long ways. 

However, do not relent; ensure you strive to make way in your new stream of income. 

Affiliate marketing is a large business empire that require further studying.

 Learn more about it on a daily basis, develop new style to increase your income through increase in sales, both online and offline.

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