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How to Make More Money selling Broilers during Christmas in Nigeria

So i was going to write on this .longtime, but have always been busy, but thank God today am free, let me just quickly cook something around this before i go to farm today.
One of endeavors that blossom the most in Nigeria is “Business” and Business Industry is a very vast one so then, there is need for us to be more specific when we are addressing the business industry, today i will be focusing more on the Agricultural Business Industry, which is a major part of the business that runs daily in Nigeria.

I am not so used to the plantation agriculture yet, but i have lay my hands on Livestock Farming (Animal Production) for a longtime now and it was been a great success.
So today i will focus more on Poultry Farming, specifically “Broilers, i have always say; there are so much to derive from Poultry farming Business, but it can be narrow down into Egg and Meat Production.
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The rest stuffs like feathers, bone, blood, dungs are by-products the real Poultry products are  “Egg and Meat”.
Now, broilers are good variety(Breeds) of livestock, genetically altered to sort certain interest and preference and that is why, compare “Cockerel” they easily reach maturity and market size at the 3rd month.
Don’t be surprise too, when i tell you Broilers can reach their maturity stage at 4th week, this sounds kinda crazy right?
Well, the last time i was in the Government farm (Shonga Farms Holding ilorin, Kwara state), i realize their broilers reach Market Size at the 4th week ( just 1 month)… How do you feel to raise a bird in one month?
Isn’t that lovely and gonna be super profitable?
That is why i define it as “Genetically altered breeds to serve certain interest and preference desired by the farmer”.
Now in Nigeria, anything agricultural product is a “Hot Cake” The market is so massive, and even till now as a nation we are unable to meet u with it yet, due to the ever increasing population of our Nation, before people think of buying iPhone 7 or the latest gadgets, they will surely get what to eat first and that is the strength of Food and Agricultural Business in Nigeria.
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Now i want to teach you how to make profits in Broilers Farming and even grow your profits into Millions of Naira, it’s a very simple tip and i am going to be sharing it from our Expansion 2017 Farm project scheme, and this promise to be extremely useful for anyone that values it, the end of information is not that you read and know, it is that you also go and apply what you have know.
Now in Nigeria, agricultural products sells the most during festive period( even though the last logistics and speech from the Governor of Lagos state proves that billion goes to the food industry daily), I still want to let you know, much more than that, is spent on Food and Agricultural Products during festive season (New year and Christmas especially) So when it is almost December season, a wise farmer is expected to begin to increase production, knowing fully well that the market is already waiting for you.
In our own farm, December is always the best time to earn so much money for us, so by September, we use to increase our production seriously, people in Nigeria tends to consume more food stuffs during festive season than any other time, and apart from the normal Christmas and New year seasons, NIGERIANS holds programs, meeting and party especially at the end of the year, than any other part of the year, so this makes it a good business time for any organization.
Broilers are fatteners bird, so when they are always big and robust and base on the tenderness of the meat and palatability, most people goes for it during the festive period, so i can say, no matter the amount of birds you are raising, you have a good market available for it, as long as you choose to deploy some certain advertisement scheme to make your product known/available, then you will sell…!
So Let’s assume for instance, you have good money to invest into Broiler chicken production and you have the capacity, you can choose to raise 50,000 broiler birds ahead of the festive season (end of the year), then if they are well feed and taken care of, good medication and housing system, all things been equal, a good weight will surely be attain, now you can choose to sell them at N5,000 Per One,
Now Let’s do a little calculation;
50,000 Birds x #5,000 Price = That is ” N250,000,000 “.
So you see that, it is very possible to make millions from Broilers chicken production now?
And there are families in Nigeria that will buy as much as 15 broilers or even more, so as to be able to feed the huge number of their extended family members that will visit them during the christmas and new year celebration.
So you have a good market waiting to buy from you, but like i always advice people, when its come to a fragile business like Livestocks, son’t go and buy 50,000 broilers, if you have not raise, 1,000 birds, 10,000 birds or even 15,000 birds before, you need to build a good solid capacity first to be able to handle a large number like 50,000 considering stuffs like”Cost of feeding large Housing, medication and all of that,which must be in place to make the business successful.
Other stuffs that sells real good during festive season in Nigeria are “Egg, Catfish vegetables, turkey, Cattle, Goat Sheep, and others.
I hope someone as gain some insightful tips from this?
If you have questions drop them below, i will do well to answer them.

Written by - Akanni Tolu Matthew

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