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How to Open Bitcoin Account in Nigeria (Step by Step Guide)

We will actually be addressing all you need to know about Bitcoin Wallet registration and buying of Bitcoin on this article, if you are the type that which to invest your money in Bitcoin, then I must welcome that you are on the right article.

Just do well to carefully follow the article as we do justice to every question that maybe bothering you about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Wallet. 

Firstly will like to address the required parameters of your computer needed for holding or usage of Bitcoin on your computer, it is important that you know that you will be needing a free space of at least 9 GB, and some little space more for subsequent updates.

It has been noticed that there are now several third party platforms that grant you a chance of Bitcoin investment in Nigeria, they help you in creating a Bitcoin account, and provide you with your personal ID, which you can easily use while logging in. 

After they have provided you with necessary data for logging in, you can now further transactions with your Bitcoin Wallet.
Here are the lists of available platforms that helps with that;;;

In creating a Bitcoin Wallet, it doesn’t require paying any amount of money, and no stress is involved in creating one. 

All you need to do is have an access to the internet, and make sure you have a well functioning e-mail account, be it any type just make sure it is functioning and you have access to the e-mail because there will be need for verification of your e-mail account, which can only be done with having a proper access to your e-mail account. 

Your mobile number may also be required, just for your extra safety purpose.
How to Open Bitcoin Account using any of these three platforms named above;

  • – this will be very suitable for those who worry about their security and desire to have an ethereum wallet. It will be of advantage to those who want to earn some Bitcoins on daily basis.
  • – Blockchain is basically for professionals who want nothing but a Bitcoin account.
  • – This will be suitable for the users who want to receive customized Bitcoin account.

How to Open Bitcoin Account in Nigeria?

Now to the business of the day, the main issue of the article.

  • Firstly on the procedure of purchasing a Bitcoin in Nigeria, you will have to log into your account on localbitcoins, after this procedure you will get your Bitcoin Wallet. This doesn’t really concern an active users, it is mostly for first timers.
  • The next on the procedure is to go to your Home page on the account, do well to choose the number of Bitcoin(s) you want to buy, currency, location, and select your suitable and easy method of payment.
  • Following this procedure is a List of Traders, you will be the one who to buy from, it is advisable to make your choice according to this parameters (Good reputation and a large number of transactions). Some indicators will help you know if the person is online or not, you can also do well to click the buy button for more details on the offer and the seller.
  • On pressing buy button you will be direct to a page that will show more detail about the offer and the seller, you can always go back to the former page if you are not interested or not satisfied with the offer.
  • And finally on this procedure, to start the transaction you need to decide on the amount of Bitcoin you will want to purchase, and you do well to click “Request a Deal” button to proceed with your transaction. Make sure you make your payment before closing the page or else you will have end the whole transaction and you will have to start all over again. Do well to repeat all procedures for another purchase. Best wishes.

Bitcoin Exchange Rate
1 Naira = 0.0000 BTC

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