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How To Organize Shows In Nigeria And Make Millions

Nigeria Entertainment industry is one of the biggest and most
promising industry in Nigeria today.

 It is one of the biggest in the
world too. Young chaps are making cool money from their talents.
Everyone in Nigeria is always busy especially during the week days, so
they trap at any opportunity for relaxation and fun making.

 Shows and
exhibitions are another ways of making money in Nigeria, its an avenue
for people to relax and shed away stress. 

 Especially during the
festive periods, shows are hot cake. The price for a show is always
meagre but the crowd is where the money comes from. Ticket fee are
always as low as  N500, N750, N1,000, N5,000, and N10,000 per ticket
for starters In the showbiz industry, however, the big bosses in this
venture charge millions for table.

Nigerians attends shows for several reasons, some just love to relax
and chill after the tedious boredom from their work place, others
attends to meet new people, make friends and “connections” as we say
it in our normal parlance. All these and some unraveled reasons make
people attend shows.

 Though, the poverty rate in Nigeria is increasing
alarmingly but there is always a time to feel good and make some
moments remarkable in ones life.

 Show are avenue where talents are
discovered, life changes for good in fact where lovers meet and hook
for life. So if you are planning to organize a show, then, you are
about to do something great as some people, in one way or the other,
will benefit from it for life.

To organize a show, planning is key. A well planned show is a show
that the memory never fades, apart form the money it brings, the
audience and popularity are unquantifiable. 

What makes a show big is
the features of the show. What people are coming to wine and dine
with. Top celebrities are key to a show success. 

They determine the
price and worth of the show, these type of shows are always given
maximum publicity via all media and platforms including the television
and radio stations. Well planned shows in Nigeria are always
profitable and could make one billionaire if you know how to play your
games very smart.
Timing is another cogent factor to be considered, the best part of the
year to organize a show and make cool money is during festive period
and towards the end of the year. 

During this period, shows are what people look out for to express love and spend greatly as a way of show
gratitude for their life and success during the year.

The venue of the show is another feature people look out for. How
prestigious the venue is determines the audience and glamour of the
show. A rowdy and squalid venue deters people as they are going out to
relax and not to encounter stress of whatever form. 

 A well conducive venue show be provided for a show to make cool money.

Side attractions are what people are looking out for. This gives good
impressions about your show. It can be in form of the performing
artistes. The level  fame of such artist is what determines the profit
from the show. 

Ask basketmouth, a Nigeria comedian, when he featured
olamide in his London show, the outcome was massive. 

The popularity of the artiste is the selling point of the show. 

Musicians and comedians that control the crown should be featured in shows to earn cool money.

Artistes with high magnitude of followers on different platforms like
twitter, facebook, Instagram and others, are what you should look out
for to feature in your show.

Make reasonable consultations. Ask questions, meet the gurus in the
business, rob mind with them, learn from their experience, both good
times and failures.

Do all the necessary prerequisites to ensure your
business is above board. 

Register your firm with its intent. Explore
the business lines as much as possible. Advertisement is key, create
awareness as widely and cost effective as possible. 

Do not spend lavishly in the name of promoting your brand also, do not be a miser.
Spend as reasonable as possible. Hire personalities you know that can
add value to your brand, don’t hire a liability, it can kill your
brand prematurely. 

Do all your best possible to be a king in your
business line.

The country economic situation may be bad but people want to be happy
and they are ready to pay for it.

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