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How to start an ecommerce business in Nigeria

Technology is gradually taking over the world as it sprouts up various devices and systems to make human existence an interesting one.
Cutting across all facets and ramifications of life, in one way or the other, technology is making impacts on our daily activities. Especially the use of computers as a tool in information technology by the virtue of the dynamism of how it operates. Several entrepreneurs are making lots of money through the monetization of information technology and its tools.

Like other technological information ventures, Electronic commerce popularly called  e-commerce business is a very lucrative business, which has proven to have a huge prospect in making people rich due to the bumper turnout of people to its service. E-commerce business like every other business, is a venture that facilities trading, buying and selling of good, using the internet and social media platforms. E-commerce business takes several forms like;
  • Online shopping: This is the most common form of e-commerce business. The population of internet users has grown tremendously. By this, e-commerce business has a chance to survive. People now crave for stress-free like. Goods are retailed directly to the consumers or providing a platform where buyers and sellers commute and transact. Goods worth millions of naira can be purchased under ones roof. This is one of the benefits of this business.
  • Online money transfer and bills payment.
Required software for electronic commerce are:
E-commerce. Shopping cart with cardboard boxes on laptop. 3d
Primary requirement for e-commerce website are:
  1. A website: A hosted, user friendly and secure website must be designed.
  2. Logo
  3. Latest news and popular products
  4. Brand product
  5. Customers login system
  6. Shopping cart and search box
  7. Payment system
  8. Social media link
  9. Contact info
Awareness is key to this business, for you have a good public, you have to create lots of awareness across all social media platforms.

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