How to Verify Adsense Pin Alternatively with Phone Number and Proof Identity Document

It’s another Adsense class on Earnmoneypro.com today and am glad I was able to come up with this great tech tutorial, simple but very useful to the Google Adsense publishers,  if you are one then I must say congratulations for finding your way down here right now.
You might not believe what you are about to read but I must confess it is tested and trusted you don’t have to worry.
Recently one of my friends contacted me and he happens to be one of the Adsense publishers right here in Nigeria. 

He recently signed up for the adsense monetization program and luckily he was approved however, his earning as gotten to $13.00 in total profits and adsense as sent him the Pin to his location.
If you are an adsense publisher in Nigeria you will know getting the pin sent down to your home address in Nigeria can be a pain in the ass @times especially in a situation whereby you live in the village or an area which seems not to be so traceable.
This is the situation my friend found himself, he as requested the PIN 3 times and now adsense as started serving unpaid ads on his Blog, even with his huge traffic he is not earning anything for now and adsense as promise to disable his publisher account soonest.
This is enough a discouragement for a new blogger like him who wants to earn some buck online with his new blog.
He sent me a mail and I was touched, however as an adsense publisher I know anything can always come up so I had to help him out.
For the benefits of those who might be in his shoes and are unable to channel their Adsense PIN down to their home address in Nigeria and other parts of the world, this is going to help you a great deal.
How to Verify your Adsense Pin alternatively in Two Simple steps

1.    Phone Number Verification: 
This is very easy just click on this link and it will redirect you to a page, fill in the form with your exact details as correspond with your adsense account (Name, Email address, Publisher ID,) in the phone number field fill in your phone number as it appears In your adsense account and click “submit”.

2.    Proof Document Verification:  
This is the second step of the alternative adsense verification process, it’s pretty easy and simple aswell.
Just click on this link here and it will direct you to  a page where you will fill a form;
This is a very important form even much more than the step 1 above,
Fill in the form as stated below;

Email Address:
Publisher ID: 

Your publisher ID looks more like this                                “Pub-12345675xxxx”.
You can find it in the account information in your adsense dashboard.
In the Attachment section, you will need to attach a text file containing your personal details, Address and other stuffs listed below as stated inside your adsense dashboard
Write out the text file on Notepad in the following order;
Contact Address:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Publisher ID:
Postal Address:
To easily create this text file, run the Notepad on your system and write out the form as listed below, fill it appropriately and save it.
Now upload it in the file session of the form and click “Submit”.
Note: You can also use a National ID Card, Driver’s license and any officially issused identification card in your country as long it as the same corresponding information as the one currently filled in your adsense account you are good to go!
This was how I helped my friend out of the adsense ads prison “so to say” at times it takes 7 working days to get a response after filling in your details to adsense however, the last time I tried this procedure on an adsense account I got the respond under 24hours.
I guess this article as helped you?
If yes kindly share it with others using the social sharing buttons.
If you have any question?
just drop them below using the comment box.
Thanks for taking your time to read.

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