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How we can Transform Nigeria through Youth Empowerment and Business Development

Making Nigeria a better place to live is not going to be a rocket science, neither is it going to be a governmental responsibility, but it will be solely on the strength of empowerment especially for the youth, those who still have the future of the nation in their hands, we need to equip them earlier before time in order to put a lasting end to the destructive system of running we have been used to in this nation.
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For instance, since i was  born, have come to realize that Nigeria is majorly a consumer nation, we are not too productive, we would rather prefer to spend money, buy this and that, we are not the kind of people that wants to manufacture what the world will rather come here and buy, we are always waiting for apple to release the latest iPhone and gadgets, smartphones and accessories so that can we bring out our money and buy them, instead of we actually investing and inventing our own products.
All this economic recession and financial break down in the nation is not really because our nation lacks fund or so, we have more than enough money in this country, i mean so much money!!!!
But then, we don’t need money, we need creativity!!!
Creative minds, that will utilize the best resources and raw materials at our disposal to generate tangible results and something that the masses can benefit from, this is our major need as a nation.
And our leaders really can not get this done again, it is the youth, the youths are the strength and the hope of the future, as awesome as academics exploit is, in this days and time, intellectual exploit  is a major requirement for outstanding success and fulfillment of destiny than any other tie as a nation.
As a person, i am so tired of seeing Nigerian potential youths trecking the street with hopelessness, even after good certification.
Now certification is good, but i really wanna emphasize that our youths should begin to look into business, career, craft and intellectual works than just book or certificate works.
People say, there is no job in Nigeria, unemployment is rampant, yes, this will be, because people have refuse to enter into the business world and come up something and that is why it is so…..
If 50 graduates creative a business venture and build it, they will surely need to employ workers, and this will bring about Employment in our nation, and that is the best way to curb unemployment.
In short, Self-employment is the best solution to Unemployment in Nigeria.
Enough of that graduate and get a job mentality, it will not take our nation and youth anywhere.
I have written many articles in the past on Starting up a business in Nigeria, making profits and growing it big!!!
Agriculture and Food Industry is one of the promising lucrative business in Nigeria of today, you can look into many poultry farming, catfish farming, plantain business, pop corn, pig farming, snails, rabbit, grasscutter and so on.
And if you are not in the Agricultural Industry, you can also look into creative works like app creations, website designs and development, software creation and all of this e-jobs that are paying a whole lot in our world today.
Don’t be idle in the name of NO JOB!
I remember the story of a graduate from University of Ibadan, she saved certain amount of money and she used it to get a land and start her own Pig FARM, few years after, she had employed so many workers, the farm as grow into something very big and she is living fine, she now employ graduates to work under her while she pays them and she never work under anybody herself, this is what Nigeria needs, and this orientation must be passed into our youths and undergraduates today, find something doing, learn a skill, acquire knowledge in craft work and intellectual development.
I also advise that our government begin to embrace Youth empowerment programs and meetings to empower our youths with wisdom and knowledge as regard what they can do to make the best use of their lives.
While in school, i remember that certain people who use to be should i say least in our class those days, its ridiculous how that those days, we look at them, with some certain kind of perspective as though their life is not worth living, all because they are not doing well in academics, but the truth is, have learn that, they can also do well in life,all they need to learn is to access right information and be empowered with knowledge, every dwarf is a potential giant in the making, information and knowledge with adequate understanding is the key to our outstanding destiny in Life.
You can’t afford to be information bankrupt in a world of internet and information like we are in today, information is not just money, information is actually power, this is true!
So many webmasters who are young men in nigeria today are making a lot of money legitimately online and they are empowered, some even employ workers.
You too can e great not just be great, but also transform this nation and your generation by the greatness that is upon you, but then.., it won’t come easy, all that have listed above are major requirement and apart from that,
The Love of God must be there in your heart, you must love GOD, This is a major facilitator of impact and breakthrough in the lives of men.
You can not leave God out of the equation, both in prayers, fasting, serving and seeking to know God the more, you must engage your vision, dreams, business and mission with the lord to help you make them become a reality in a short while.
I pray the lord will help as many Nigerian youths who are reading this article, to make the best use of it and take it serious.
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