Jobs in Nigeria: 150k Monthly Income in Ibadan is Better Than 200k in Lagos?

My Opinion: Jobs and Employment in Nigeria: Getting paid 150k Salary in Ibadan is way better than 200k in Lagos
I have actually wanted to write this article longtime ago, but am glad I was able to find out time to write it eventually, most of the undergraduates and NYSC Corpers will find this article extremely useful and with state of the country in every sphere, wisdom is a primary important tool for decision making right now, and its important we do our part to equip you with quality live transforming information to help you become knowledgeable and work in manifold wisdom.

As a fresh graduate from The University r any tertiary education system in Nigeria, you must have asked yourself certain questions like what’s next now?
Where do I stay and live after my Youth service?
What do I do?
Am I seeking for a Job or starting my own entrepreneur dream small and growing it big?
These are questions you should have answered before you graduate as a true Nigerian youth, especially of you really don’t want to end up as casualty, now today I will be sharing on this topic which just blew to my mind today while I was in the airplane.
So working in LAGOS vs IBADAN?
What are the differences and which one will be best for you?
I strongly believe by the time you are done reading this article, you would have come to know which one is best for you. I came from Lagelu LGA In Ibadan and have spent quite a longtime in lagos so I understand the two location well both in terms of population, market feasibility, workers threshold, development, standard of living/working and lots more.
Most young folks that are just graduating are always willing to get down to Lagos, even till now I don’t know the reason, some believes there is a greener pasture over there which l strongly disbelieve, and others felt it’s a smart and blessed city, having more money irrespective of the government allocation per annum, but the truth is, if we are to go by the standard of operation, Lagos is by all means better than any other parts of Nigeria, but the question that flows through my mind daily is this,
Are we all gonna move down to Lagos?
For what reason would that be ?
And who are going to remain in other states?
Now, talking about the standard of living and working in Lagos, its great and awesome, considering the high technology, awesome network, effective transportation, good government, good road network, the sea port to ship in goods and products from china, dubai, America, paris and other nations of the world easily,
If you are also a religion type or wanna have a good experience but spiritually and socially, the world largest church auditorium (50,000) faith tabernacle is in Lagos state with an ever increasing volume of attendees (  over 500,000 people now gather to worship over there each Sunday) so lagos as give you more than enough reasons to consider it a good city to dwell in Nigeria.
We can also look at resort centers and good commercial centers like most Nigerian industrial estate are located in lagos and one of nigerian’s best hotel “Eko Hotel” can also be found in Lagos, Lagos state airport is one of the most commercial active in Africa due to influx of people in and out of the country.
There are just too many billion reasons why lagos is a just a perfect and reasonable place for anyone to consider, come and be living fine but then, do you also checkmate the way of living there? The strenuous process of living in Sango and you are working in Maryland or victoria island?
The stress more than 60% of workers go through daily to be able to meet up with the office hour of getting to work by 8am, how that, some of the, have t leave as early as 4am?
Can you do that? The strenuous and busy work day that you have to do daily? My friend’s dad once told the both of us; “If God as ordain you to live for 100years, Lagos will help you cut it down to 60years”
Actually this is not for every lagosians, people like linda ikeji, aliko dangote, akin alibi and other rich and successful ones are also in Lagos and they are doing fine, so there is no cause for alarm, you can live in lagos and not do those strenuous work, you just have to be wealthy, rich and successful, but if you are just considering moving there as a young graduate to secure a job, I strong advice that you give yourself a rethink, the daily galla and lacasera in the bus lifestyle because there is not time to eat well and nice stuffs in the office, how do you cope with that?
Lagos on it own is one of the essential part of Nigerian and major city that as helped Nigerian to be industrially relevant over the years and even till date, but the cost  of living is very high, getting a flat apartment maybe two bed room is not lesser than 100 to 150k, am talking about a conducive atmosphere for living, good water and fair electricity, food items also are very expensive in Lagos state, they are not as cheap as you can find them in Ilorin, Ibadan and other parts of Nigeria today.
So if you wanna go work in lagos you just have to count your cost very well, that is why I titled this post 150k in Ibadan is by all means better than 200k in Lagos.
Because by the time you are done with your monthly expenditure in lagos, you might end up not been able to save any amount of money for yourself and smooth running of things.
But in the case of Ibadan, with really  huge popular and land mass. Over the years, there has been speculations that, between lagos and Ibadan which one if higher in human population, well, the truth is lagos by the venture of transportation have been able to secure ore people living in it than any other part of Nigeria, but in terms of land mass, Ibadan as been considered as the largest city in Africa.
Image result for ibadan
The City of Ibadan
The lifestyle and standard of living in Ibadan is not as expensive as that of lagos state, so you can still do well in Ibadan even if you are on a pay of 150k per month as a graduate you will still be able to get good accommodation and the road network in Ibadan is also encouraging, transportation is good, and the development ratio of Ibadan makes it encouraging and a potential city in Nigeria that you can consider to settle down, get marry and raise your family.
I won’t be able to tell you perfectly which of the two cities will be best is for you. However with the points I have analyses above, you should be able to check yourself, your pocket, your bank account and standard of living and now which one will serve you best.
But for those who still finds it difficult to make a decision yet, I strongly advice that you consider Ibadan as a young graduate first, stay there and work there, raise your standard of living there, build financial and other capacity in Ibadan. And then you can after a while move t Lagos, but on the contrary, we have quite a lot of entrepreneur graduates with sophisticated startup ideas and some others are planning on kick-starting atech hub, you can trust lagos to deliver an excellence atmosphere and resource for your tech startups, it’s all up to you but more than 80% of Nigeria top tech startups, commercial industry, ecommerce ad shopping malls are all in Lagos (that should tell you something).
So here I drop my pen, if you have questions, drop them below and I’d reply them all, you can also share this article with your friends and bless them with the information, thanks.

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