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Linda Ikeji Biography: How She started her Blogging Career and grow it into a Billion Business

Linda Ikeji is one of the most popular public figure, web entrepreneur and celebrity in Nigeria and Africa.
 She is known for her enormous and extra successful Blogging Career, her fame, wealth and success through blogging is still like a story for the gods in some people’s mind. So many people out there as attribute her success to some dubious web exercises but the pure truth is, she made and have all she had today via Blogging.

Way back then, Linda is just a dream-filled and ambitious young girl with few cents in her pocket but she is ambitious and hardworking in her own self-made profession and she press forward to make it out of all hard feels and poor life. 

She use to go to café some years back just to blog and at times she borrow money to blog and her kind of age groups and friends make jest of her but today she is one of the greatest brands and worthy of reckoning personality.

Linda is a self made millionaire who made money for herself pure and clean without any form of crime, corruption as some people think. I know some of you will want a prove for this but as you continue to read down this article you will be force to agree with me and you will be convince of her success as a legitimate one.

Life of Linda Ikeji

The information you are about to read represent the life of Linda Ikeji and if you happen to be her friend or family if there is something I didn’t include then kindly drop them below as a comment.

Who is Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is a famous face and a celebrity blogger from Africa “Nigeria” who has been considered to be one of the most successful Internet Webprenuers in Nigeria (as at the time of writing this article “January 2015”). 
She was born on September 17, 1980 and she started her Blogging Career in 2006, before then she has tried her hands in various careers and businesses that didn’t work out (one of which was modeling) but according to Linda, Blogging as paid off and she is now living the kind of Lifestyle she as always desire.

She graduated from University of Lagos Nigeria and studied English Language. Linda is now a top role model to many Nigeria Youths and Africa audiences who wish to be like her.

Linda Ikeji Success Story

Unlike what some bad folks think about Lnda Ikeji, her success wasn’t by chance or luck but by serious hard work and consistency, fortunately she started Blogging when Blogging and internet was not yet dominated unlike this days, she as explained in some interview how she do borrow money to buy airtime so as to keep on blogging. 
As a poor girl who came from an humble background it requires more from her to be able to keep on in what she does and so many sleepless night of hard work and broke mood but the goodnews is – the same Weblog is now valued at $5Million today. 

Linda Ikeji Blog

Linda Ikeji blog as grown beyond measures and it is now the 1st and foremost source for entertainment and celebrity gossips, it attracts majorly Nigeria audience “basically females” and in terms of community and engagement, it is ranked 15 on Alexa in Nigeria and 2,259 worldwide as at the time of putting up this article. 
One thing that is so pretty amazing about the Blog is the Almost Zero Cost of running a fat business entity like this which has grown to worth millions and earn the blogger billions. It’s obvious linda herself never knew the business is going to grow into what it is today as she was just doing the fun “ it is true the common saying when your passion becomes your profession, work become play”.

Linda Ikeji House

Image result for linda ikeji

Last year, Linda provides two houses for her parents, one in Lagos (5 bedroom duplex) that costs over #100million acquired in an estate somewhere in Surulere Lagos.

 The other was built in the Village (Nkwerre) and completed within six month stone coated roof, a seven bedroom masterpiece that costs about #75million.

After acquiring her own Range Rover sport car last year, she made it public that in a matter of weeks the deal on her own personal house will be completed.

Linda Ikeji Car

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The 1st Car she acquired was a Toyota camry, 2009 model which was popularly known as “Big Daddy” in Nigeria.
This is still a dream car to many Nigerians today.  She fell in love with the car on the first day she set her eyes on it, it took her 4 months to acquire one in 2011.

Truely sadi, when it’s your time, things will change for good and it will look as if you have never suffered before in your Life, in 2013 Linda step up and bought Infinity FX35 worth #8million
In September 2014, she added another SUV, Range rover sport Supercharged worth #24million.
 That car caused serious riot on the web especially to those who did not know her true worth, perhaps they felt she Is just of the hungry girls trying to make way through. It might look too good to be true but she actually earned the money she used in buying that car in a month.
Linda Ikeji Net Worth

Little did those who get mad over Linda’s acquisition of #24million Range rover know that she actually worth #2.3Billion. 
Linda Ikeji is a Billionaire
Linda Ikeji worths #2.3Billion – as at the time of writing this article.
This is not a speculation, it is not fallacy, Linda Ikeji is officially the 1st Billionaire Blogger in Nigeria.

I want to urge you guys, when next you see linda riding down the street,  take a closer look at her and know that you are actually looking at a billionaire and not your average girl or just a street girl with no influence, she is damn rich.

Linda Ikeji GiveAway

Linda as a very uncommon to be seen traits in the class of billionaires “she is a cheerful giver and she gives arms to any kind of stranger” and now it’s a little more official for her. 
Not even facebook, twitter or google “the web master” does this, Linda as official make her giveaway to be rock-solid – Linda Ikeji giveaway is a program hosted on her Blog where readers are rewarded for being loyal to her Brand. 
She does the giveaway every “Last Monday of the Month” and named it “Linda Ikeji Giveaway Mondays”.

Just like the common saying “Givers never lack” this has been piloting the linda ikeji giveaway and it as help so many people earn money online by while reading quality information along the line.

If you are lucky, you can be one of the winners for this month, all it takes is for you to be regular on her Blog and be a certain number of people to comment on her give away post. The prizes range from #20,000 to #200,000 each to multiple winners.

Linda Ikeji on Instagram

Her Instagram page is one of the favourite pages you can find on Instagram, especially if you want to get some cool visual stuffs about private things going on in Her Life, you can get as much as you want on Her Instagram Page, As she as gat lots of fashion to show off. 
You can connect with her on Instagram here.

Linda Ikeji on Twitter

Linda Ikeji Twitter handle is one of the most follower female celebrities in Nigeria with over 500,000 plus followers. I hope Twitter will soon verify her account.
 As you will agree wth me, twitter is one of the short to blog “tweet” SOCIAL MEDIA where you can connect with celebrities across the world and freely share your own view about things that matters, you can follow linda @LindaIkeji and remember to visit her Blog @
Linda Ikeji on Facebook

She is not just the facebook freak type; just like every other serious blogger, most times aside from PROMOTION, we don’t have enough free time to play around on Facebook and the likes; but due to the fact that she is not active on facebook some idiot fraudsters as taken it upon themselves to create facebook pages with her name and perform various dubious acts which they use in wrecking havoc in the Life of unsuspecting victims. 
I hope you guys will not fall victim of those idiots, if you need to connect with linda ikeji, twitter and instagram is still the best place.   

Linda Ikeji on Wikipedia

Currently as at the time of putting up this article, linda ikeji as no Wikipedia page but I think it will be needful especially for the enormous performance she as build over time, and also as a celebrity it will be necessary. 
The importance of having a wiki page for a popular celebrity like this from Nigeria can not over emphasize. 

Linda Ikeji Family

Linda was born into a catholic family of seven children, six girls and one boy of which linda happens to be the second child who cares a lot about her family, except for her elder 
sister who is married and living in the USA, Linda as acquired cars for all the members of the family including younger brother.
 If this is how every young female children take care of their family, tend female child will be more preferable for parents.

Linda Ikeji Pictures 
 Linda is quite photogenic and I like her pictures which is one of the reasons I visit her Instagram page often. As an ex model, she know one or two things about posing for camera, though her critic always have one or two negative things to say about her photos.
But one thing I don’t think most people are comfortable about in her photos (me inclusive) is that Linda always snap her pictures on the same spot/background. That has rendered most of her shots quite monotonous and somewhat uninteresting. Get in here to view some of her pictures on Instagram.

Linda Ikeji Fashion 
 Expensive fashion is Linda’s thing and she spends handsomely on varieties of fashion accessories. Last time she went to Dubai for shopping, she reportedly spent about N20 million for fashion and accessories. Money that can buy future for some people.
She has a diamond encrusted Rolex wrist watch that cost about $25,000 (about N4.5 million) and a Fendi, plus countless other very expensive fashion accessories.
Linda Ikeji Love Life — It was reported that she dated CoolFM presenter, Dan Foster some years back. That was the last we ever heard of Linda and a man, maybe she is good at keeping it secret because Linda is just too beautiful to be left alone by men.
Last time she was planked on live Radio, she did revealed that she has some number of men on the line that she is considering. Whether she has settled for one is not yet known but we’ll certainly update this article whenever we have the information.
Linda Ikeji Awards — There is no better awards than the one you have in the bank. I’m sure you’d agree with me on this –  and Linda certainly have those awards aplenty. Further to this, she has won some awards with her blog for her role in promoting new media in Nigeria.
Linda Ikeji Scandals — Linda is relatively free of serious scandals apart from accusations here and there from people who thinks her gossips is destroying their careers and marriages.
Last year, she was accused of double standard when she failed to report the crisis in the marriage of Tiwa Savage who is known to be her friend.
Linda Ikeji in the News 

She has been profiled on BBC Africa – last year she was invited to London for an interview with BBC reporter, Nkem Ifejika.        
Linda Ikeji with BBC’s Nkem Ifejika | Photo credit: BBC

She was featured in Forbes magazine in an article titled: Beauty, Brains And The Business Of Blogging
Her Future Plans — I know about two of her future plans, probably the ones closest to her heart. To start a TV program, maybe a talk show, and to get married, get banged and have kids. Other plans are secondary as far as I know.
Linda Ikeji Contacts — For some ethical reasons, I’m not able to share her personal contact details such as her personal phone number, personal email address and her house address. Sorry. Her number one contact is her blog –
If you have any resources to add to this article, let us know through the comment and don’t forget to share this with your friends on Twitter and Facebook –  use the buttons below!

Credits : Wealthresult, Linda Ikeji

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