My Terrible experience with Kuda Visa Card at POS withdrawal

After securing my Kuda Visa card somewhat around March, I thought I’d gotten free from unnecessary brouhahas until one of the days I went to make a withdrawal at a POS center using my card.

“Oga, na Kuda you dey use?” The POS operator (a guy) asked.

“Sure, my brother. I say make I run from Nigerian banks wahala jare before unnecessary charges will kee me.” I replied.

“This card na automatic o. If I swipe am now e go withdraw even without putting your pin.” He replied further.

I chuckled, and was like, seriously? Swipe without my PIN? “Oya, my guy, do am make I see,” I said. This, to clarify my doubts.

He then collected the card, swiped it, and “Transaction Approved” popped up on the machine. And I got an instant debit alert on my phone.

For a second, I was startled and didn’t even know how to react. 



This because, I never believed his claim was true, and of course, other cards I’ve had with Nigerian banks never completes a transaction simply by swiping. It must be authorized using the user’s Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Without hesitation, I launched my Kuda App to know what was up and what settings I might have done to have allowed my card to approve transactions by simply just … swiping? E choke na.

In the process, I saw a button that says “Block Card”. Didn’t even think twice, I pressed the shii then gave the card back to the operator that I want to withdraw another naira note. And this, he should repeat the same swiping he’d earlier done.

As instructed, he swiped and a “Transaction Declined” popped up. What a relief.

Ever since then, I effing blocked the MF! I’d rather transfer to my other bank and withdraw with the card than leave my Kuda card vulnerable.

I bet most Kuda users (including me, until recently) didn’t know this. After using your card, kindly block it. Next transaction, unblock it. URR.

And yeah, I understand Kuda tryna go ‘advance’, but in a country like ours, I doubt it’s a welcome development just yet. I mean, people complain every day about how they got duped of their money through POS with their card. It’s pretty pointless to allow auto-swipe on their card. A simple function that allows users to decide swiping or not would’ve been better.

Either way,

Stay alert, y’all.

(URR: Use, Rinse, Repeat).


– Okoro Daniel O.

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