My YouTube Business and Monetization Journey

YouTube channel monetization

I started my first Youtube channel when I was still in secondary school, SS 2, to be precise, but at that time, I had limited knowledge of editing and uploading videos. When I started blogging, I decided to revive my channel, and I was making little progress with the help of some articles and Youtube videos I watched about editing with a Smartphone.

Along the line, I had over 3,000 watch hours and about 1,600 subscribers, making me eligible for monetization in a few moments. Unfortunately, at that time, I violated Youtube policy regarding Nud*ty and S*xual Content (Oxlade Leaked Video). The channel was being brought down, and I was despondent.

With the help of God, I did not give up on becoming a Youtuber. I made a vow to myself never to buy a monetized Youtube channel. I put that as a challenge to myself to build and monetize a Youtube Channel organically.

Around the end of May 2022, I opened another channel and started from scratch again. All my videos were non-copyrighted, and I was finally eligible for monetization. I later applied and was rejected due to a Tiktok Compilation video I did, and I was unfortunate because I wasn’t expecting disapproval. When I deleted the video, my watch hour jumped back to 3500, and I started building up again.

Along the line, I got a copyright strike from DSTV for using their intellectual property of a reality show, and they gave me 90days strike. I left the channel for a while and focused more on my blog, but I drop videos once a bit. While doing that, I could attain my 4000 watch hour back, and I waited for good 90days before getting approval.

— You might wonder why all these lengthy notes about expected Youtube monetization, but it means a lot to me because I put myself to a challenge and am glad to achieve the goal.

— Put God first, pray and never give up.

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