Reasons why Ezoic is better than Google Adsense for Monetization

Hope it gets to $300 on my first cash out. Ezoic good in some ways.

1. They help you identify contents that violates Google contents policy

2. They take care of invalid traffics

3. They tend to pay you via PayPal. Payoneer. Wire transfer without the need to verify your identity or address

4. They are more focus on epmv. EPMV stands for “Earnings Per Thousand Visitors”.This is how much money you earn, for every 1,000 visits to your website. It is calculated as follows:

EPMV = Total Earnings divided by (Visitors / 1,000)

Example Calculation:

In March, your earnings were $1000 (AdSense) + $5000 (ADX) + $500 (Native Ads) = $6,500

March Sessions – from Google Analytics – were 1,000,000 visits.

EPMV was $6,500/(1,000,000/1000) = $6.50 EPMV

The revenue earned by a website is affected by many things such as:

The number of visits, the number of ads shown during each user session, the bounce rate of each landing page, the pages viewed per visit, upstream traffic source, time of day, type of ad (display/native/inline), RTB bidding parameters of ad, Viewport size, connection speed of the user… etc. There are tons of other factors!

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