Steps to easily remove Ad Limit from your Google Adsense account

As the world is becoming more versatile, the need for more information and knowledge is increasing, this has also brought about an increase in the volume of content creators, leveraging the internet to earn decent money online, google adsense seems to be a top advantage for most content creators, both text content creators (Blog and article writing) and Video content creators (Vloggers and Youtubers).  

Majority of Bloggers across have their content monetized with Google adsense, and it seems to be one of the easiest and most convenient way to make money online right now; but if you are an adsense publisher, one of the major challenge that most adsense account face is the issue of Ads limit, a situation where google place a limit on the site from displaying ads, while the account is still very much intact, this naturally disallow the blogger from earning anything from the site, in some cases, ADS limit as lead to the banning of people’s adsense account.

But in this article, I will be showing you how to handle the issue of ads limit on your adsense account, but the first thing is, what is the causes of Ads limit?

  1. Invalid Traffic
  2. Account undergoing monitoring by the adsense team.

Adsense normally place this limit largely on new accounts, especially when there seems to be some suspicion on the issue of your traffic source or any form of abnormal activities in your account.

To Resolve Adsense ads limit issue, follow these simple steps;

  1. Make sure you place the ads.text file, you can check your adsense to confirm, there could be a notification at the top bar showing that you need to place the ads.text file in your website, and when you have done so, you can click fix now, when adsense detect the changes, they will update your account and remove the notification, see an example below;

  • Remove all the Ad code that is currently on your site, remove all the adsense ad codes on the account.
  • Go to your adsense account and go to ads, click on turn off auto ads
  • Go to your adsense dashboard and turn the performance setting to “Today so far” see an example below;
  • Use this link to send an appeal to adsense that you have corrected your site and you do not have any invalid activity on it again. Just follow the 4 steps in the form and fill them to make an appeal to adsense, in less than 7days, the ads limit will be removed and you will be able to serve ads to your website afresh.

I hope these help adsense publishers out there, if you have questions, you can drop them below and I will answer them.

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