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Tips for Success in Poultry Farming

I don’t like farming and anything agriculture but because of profits and meat production I love Livestock Farming – says a Poultry Farmer in Nigeria. Poultry farming indeed has been one great aspect of livestock farming that as transformed our economy and now we have both the experts, specialists and even amateurs getting started with the lucrative agricultural business of poultry farming.

In a  nut shell, poultry farming is all about the scientific and modern researchers way of keeping or domesticating birds “chicken most often” for man’s use. There are some other birds we also use like Turkey, Duck, Guinea Fowl, Quail and lots others but the most popular in our community today is “Chicken” and this is because of its flexibility in breeding, nursing and attaining maturity with time.
Most simple scientific and agro technology researchers use chicken to carry out monogastric related researches which deals with the physiology of birds “aves” and with the modern day research and technology we now have Broilers “some category of chicken used for fatteners” that attains maturity in 31days that’s 1 month, this is currently carried out in Shonga Farms Holding Ilorin, The commercial farms under the surveillance of the kwara state Government.
Starting Poultry farm is easy and sweet but making profits in it and investing wisely so as not to run at loss requires some level of intelligence and knowledge; in this article today I am going to share some few tips on how to make profits in poultry farming;
  1. Learn before starting – This is very important, don’t say since others are also into it, then you jump into it as well, it doesn’t work that way, learn and get yourself equipped before you start.
  2. Start Small – This is another mistake most people make, you don’t start poultry for the 1st time with a number of 1000 to 2000 birds except in cases where you have supervisors that are there to put you through, if you start with too many, it can affect your production and breeding which can make you run at loss for that farm year, start with little and after your 1st experience, you can increase the number gradually.
  3. Carry Out Feasibility Studies – If you go through this process of feasibility research you won’t have much problems with your production, feasibility studies helps you determine the market strength,  the capital, miscellaneous and other forms of investments that it will require of you to effective kickstart your business and make profits; with feasibility studies, you can determine the percentage of egg consumer in a state and then find out how you are going to be targeting your customers, beat the competition and stand out.
  4. Capital – This is essential in poultry too just like it is in every other normal businesses we do, in this case, get the amount of feeds the birds will be eating daily and sum it up to a month and how many months you are going to be keeping them so you can have a stable amount to budget for their feeds per annum or more as the case maybe, however, this is also part of feasibility studies so if you do it well, then you don’t have anything to worry about.
  5. Proper Medication – The beginning of taking the medication of poultry serious is a clean and neat farm atmosphere, if your farm is not clean and neat, it can natural provoke diseases and sicknesses of all kinds in the farm and the production level will drop gradually but if you are able to maintain a clean atmosphere, administer drugs and vaccines at regular intervals, injection as the case maybe, and balance feed formular, health wisely you won’t have any problem with your poultry farm.
I am so sure if you put this 6 steps into action, you will get the best out of your poultry investment, I wish you all the best in your farming endeavors.

Written by Akanni Tolulope Matthew

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