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Top 10 Best Hosting Company for WordPress sites

The internet has become a nation of copious users; both old and young, now dwell on the internet. 

Over the years, the engagement on the internet was quite negligible but as the world evolves coupled with the advancement in technology, internet has become a major tool for development and learning. 

The population of internet users is so humongous that at times it slows down or shut down some servers; people get engaged on the internet, some actually make a living from this global village.

The number of website owners and bloggers is increasing with the increasing population of internet users. 

People now own websites and blogs of different niche, discussing about various subject of interest.

 Indeed, it’s always the trending matter and what people love to read, relate and engage with.

 News is very common, especially celebrity gists and news, fashion also is a global enterprise and there are creative people manning fashion websites and blog. Talk of automobile, technology, travels and tours, event… they are all available on the internet. 

These are done by people known as bloggers.

A website or blog cannot serve the above purpose alone, it needs to be hosted. Hosting a website can be exemplified to renting an apartment, where one pays monthly or annually.

 The apartment rented serves various purposes but the primary purposes are protection and an avenue to keep ones valuable. 

Hosting your website or blog keeps your content save and accessible on the internet. 

The internet is very explicit; hosting your website gives you a space on the internet to operate. 

But you cannot do it yourself, you need the service of a host company; they serve as intermediary between you and the internet. It comes at a charge, monthly or annually.

There are different hosting platforms serving different website or blogging platforms; it is all about compatibility. 

Blogger and WordPress are common website and blogging platforms; these platforms operate on different hosting platforms, for easy optimization and usage. 

WordPress is regarded as the best website development and blogging platform; it contains several fascinating features that make the website user friendly. It looks professional with creative interphase; it is the most widely used platform. For a WordPress website to be effective and serves its main purpose, it needs a reliable and durable hosting platform. 

Hence, WordPress and the chosen hosting platform are inseparable twins.

There are different hosting platforms that can put a WordPress website up in the air; a good hosting website must have a service that is easily accessible and available at all times. 

The below hosting platforms have been proven durable and effective for WordPress websites; they are:
  1. Bluehost: This is one of the oldest web host platforms; it has proven to be the best over time. It is the largest WordPress hosting platform. To attest its effectivenessbluehost is the official WordPress recommended hosting provider. Bluehost has a very strong network that will never slow down any website, irrespective of the magnitude of the website traffic. It is highly responsive in case of any menace. It is just as good as gold for WordPress websites.
  2. HostpapaHostpapa is another top class hosting platform for WordPress websites. It is affordable and powered by renewable green energy; they are user friendly with easy to use interphase for beginners. They offer 30 days money back guarantee for their users.
  3. HostGatorHostGator is part of the bigwigs in the hosting industry; it has over 8 million domains, they offer 99.9% up time guarantee with good customer care service. HostGate has been the choice for WordPress beginners since 2007.
  4. DreamHostDreamHost has been in the industry from the days of yore; like other platforms, it offers a 1-click WordPress installation, automatic WordPress updates, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and other enhancing features that make your website 200% faster.
  5. InMotion HostingInMotion is another giant in the webhosting industry; it offers a premium performance for users. It is an award winning hosting platform with awesome technical support. It is good for active bloggers.
  6. GreenGeeks: This is another hosting platform that has been proven effective over the years. It is very durable for WordPress websites with automatic 1-click installation; they offer fast blazing website, high security and 24/7 response rate. It is another good platform for WordPress hosting.
  7. Web hosting hub: The platform offers a simple yet effective service for small business and bloggers. It has simple features and very easy to operate; with easy control panel, website builder and WordPress. It is quite affordable and offers discounts for WordPress beginners.
  8. GodaddyGodaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world; they offer the best and blazing service. With Dodaddy hosting platform, your website is very secure and simple to use. It is cheap and offers $1.00 per month. Undoubtedly, Godaddy is the best hosting platform in the world.
  9. JusthostThis platform was formally known as Super Green Hosting. It is one of the best WordPress hosting platforms with extremely reliable server. It is very affordable and easy to use for new WordPress user.
  10. iPage: This platform is one of the oldest hosting platforms in the world; it has powered over 1 million websites and has been a major WordPress hosting platform. It has a very responsive customer service, 99.9% uptime and 1-click WordPress install. It is affordable and offers unlimited bandwidth for users. It is user friendly and easy to use.
These platforms have been proven reliable and secure for WordPress users. They are very affordable and offer a fascinating user experience.  

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