Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Sport Betting

There are many things that young people tend to do that while away time, and get them busy like watching football, going to the gym, the movie, a party, or club, but various of these things have effect and influences upon the mind and soul thus, there is need for check and balance, in order to know what is right and what can jeopardize the future days ahead, is there is one thing the devil is committed to doing, it is getting young people distracted from doing the right thing always, the devil will go any length just to distract you from doing the right thing, and you must be sensitive.

Today in Nigeria, there are so many Sport betting company, they seems to be increasing in number daily, youth and the poor masses are the major victim of these Get-rich-Quick avenue, but many have had their hands burnt eventually, it is okay to like football and have a favourite football club, even if you choose to be a footballer or any other Sport line as your career, is not bad, but pursuing football passionately to the point of betting on various games is a big disaster for you at the end.

I have met a number of people, ranging from Students who drop out of school to adults that went from low cash to intense poverty all because of uncontrolled passion for Betting, which deceived them and they end up losing their hard earn money.

Here are 5 Major Reasons You should Run Away from Any form of BETTING!

  1. It affects Your Mentality : Immediately you start betting, you start to lose your mind, your sanity is gradually leaving you, you won’t be logical in reasoning any more, someone who is into betting will almost not believe there are other better ways to make money in Life, any small money that comes into his hand, his mind is thinking of how to use it for betting, this is a mental disaster, some are even so crazy that they will be waiting for the betting shop to open, so that they can book games, play virtual and stay glued to the screen viewing live scores forever, and when a bet slip is lost, they go crazy, do all matter of terrible things, because their mind as been program to see it as the only way they can make money, it’s even worse for married people, they rarely pay attention to their family and keep healthy relationship, because the betting activity as caused them to lose their mind. Betting harm your passion, you take football more seriously than the players that are engaging on the field, because your money is on the line.
  2. It Can Never make you Wealthy! This is another thing most people don’t know about betting, and most people do not understand that the betting company are the ones that are out to make the most money out of everything you do, it is a known fact that most people, no matter the amount they make from the bet, they want to just  make even much more than that, which is where the problem start from,  the game is very addictive, you can never bet and quit, the more you win, the more you want to do more, and that is where the addiction starts, for instance, someone use 20,000 and get 50,000, then he decided to add more money and bet again with 70,000 and he earn 140,000, got excited, he finds more money add to it and then bet again with maybe 200,000 this time around, only for him to lose everything. You see now? He is back to square one, the very level where he was when he started betting, it is not a source of sustainable income, because the company you are dealing with are not fools. I know somebody who lose #900,000 on Betting, an amount he can use to start a new life and Business, another person sold his Car and use the money to bet and lost everything, can you see the addiction am talking about?
  3. Betting makes you Lose Focus: Due to the “Get-rich-quick” mindset that betting provides, many people have lost their Vision in Life, lose Focus on their dreams and destination as well, some drop out of school, some apprentice also abandon their training for a seemingly quicker way to get money. People have lost great relationship, trust and even shatter their family finances due to betting. This is not a good experience, many people earning #50,000 per month will be told, they will earn #1million overnight if they put their money to betting, this alone drives people crazy, make them addicted to betting and drop the path of diligence for a get-rich-quick means, which end up shattering their life and finance.
  4. It Can Get you into Trouble and Endanger your Life: We have heard many time, that Smokers are liable to die young, but I want to tell you today, Gamblers are much more liable to die young too, in the bid of trying to get the money that was lost in the game, they use other people’s money which get them in big trouble, like Police Case and other forms of trouble, it is just wisdom that whether you want to invest into, stay away from trouble, because as long as you are alive, there is hope for you. Gamblers are mischievous, not trustworthy and always in Debt, it shatters your financial stability, and this can be disastrous. Whatever you are doing as a source of income should be meeting the needs of others; this is how to make money safely and peacefully. Let me tell you a story, few years ago in the city where I was, a big man earn some millions of naira from Nairabet, it was displayed on the website an due to the huge amount, his colleagues in the betting game decided to kidnap him, it was God that later help him, that he wasn’t killed in the process, he would have lost his life because of Gambling.
  5. It cut Access to Divine Help for your Life: Gambling is not Godly, God hates it, it’s a terrible sin indeed, the Bible says, a faithful man shall abound with the Blessing, it takes faithfulness to walk in true Blessing, Gambling makes you an enemy of God, because God is a not a father Christmas God, he is a God of principles and system. If you must enjoy the blessings of God, safety, Divine help and mercy in your journey in Life, you have to be on the Lord’s side, doing his will always, that is how to get God to work on your behalf, if you want to walk in the Blessing, don’t be too desperate, be diligent, and faithful in your work and in due season, God will bless the work of your hand. But getting corners will only lead to destruction.

I pray that you will not be destroyed in Jesus name, please note am not against sport and football match, it is a very entertaining league, but the addiction of money that pushes people into betting can wreak havoc on life, destiny and finances, I pray that God will grant us understanding in Jesus name, BE BLESS.

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