Will Google Adsense approve my Website?

Is my website eligible for Adsense? (The best answer in 3 words)

For you to monetize your content and earn passive income, Adsense is the perfect option. It’s requirements are straightforward and easy to meet

However, it doesn’t approve certain kind of websites for couple of reasons. In this article, we will find out whether your website is eligible for Adsense and how you can get it approved


Your content needs to be original, well written and provide value, remember people are coming into your website in search for answers to their questions.

With thin or low-value content; you will never be approved by Adsense. Make sure you write original and valuable content. If your content meets this requirement then you are good to go. It will be good to check other requirements and see if you meet or overcome them.

Legal pages

In order to make your website trustworthy and professional, you need to have legal pages to give readers and clients a clear outline for your terms of usage of their information and other terms.

Legal pages are privacy policy & Terms of condition

These pages are essential when it comes to meeting Adsense requirements. Without these pages, your website is just another new site created by a hobbyist.

Site navigation

Know that it’s your content visitors are after not your ads or affiliate link. If your content is not easily accessible by visitors, and they have to struggle through to locate your site with contents nowhere to be found, don’t expect to be approved by Adsense.

Your content is what visitors want and it is where advertisers wait for your readers. Make it easier for both to meet and you will surely be approved

What type of website is best for Adsense?

The main consideration before websites are qualified for Adsense is the niche, traffic and its content. If you have a good content on a profitable niche and driving a good amount of traffic, you will definitely earn big from Adsense.

How many posts are required for Adsense?

There’s no particular number of posts required, the main factor is the value in your posts, it’s centered on if viewers gets satisfaction and answers to their questions from your posts once they visit your site.

How long does Adsense approval take?

You might get approved the next day after you apply and in some cases, it takes people weeks to receive any news regarding their application. There’s no specific time frame.

Can I get Adsense approval with blogger?

Yes, you can. Adsense approves blogger sites and there are rumors that some earn more than other sites on other platform. You just have to make sure you meet their requirements and work hard on your blog.


It’s advisable to check the eligibility of your website for Adsense before applying to save yourself from disappointment. Kindly follow the tips listed in this article and expect your site to be approved soon.

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